Trike Intro Flight Part1 Takeoff, Climb, and LakeTahoe Ridge

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Paul Hamilton provides discovery flights taking off from Carson City Nevada and flying up to Lake Tahoe. Here we see typical flight highlights as we takeoff, climb to 10,000 feet MSL above Lake Tahoe and start the descent towards Washoe Valley for a 60 minute flight.

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  • John Olson
    by John Olson 6 years ago
    Tahoe means "Lake of the sky".
  • Jan Ferreira
    by Jan Ferreira 6 years ago
    Hi Paul,
    Nice video, I was just wondering what RPM are you climbing at and for how long do you keep it there. What is the water temperture and EGT's at that RPM. I want to compare mine to yours.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 6 years ago
    Oly, I remember it vividly, you living with the Lake in the Sky. Still as grand as always.
    Jan, With my ProfITL 14.5 wing and 582- 2.5 reduction 4 blade I climb at 50 MPH and 6300 RPM. If I increase speed to Vne can get the prop RPM to red line 6800. With the 4 blade prop it varies the RPM significantly with speed.
    We have different animals. You fly close to sea level DA, I fly 5K to 10 K DA. Cold days I can barely get to 160F water temp, warm days 190 INDICATED. Key word – INDICATED. Your INDICATED reading is not absolute and relative to many complex factors.
    I redline my EGT at high speeds and mid range needle jet. No one else appears to have this situation. With the airplane, Pilots push the redline for EGT to get the best fuel economy and not clog up the plugs.

    Overall, I believe the engine likes to run hotter rather than colder.
  • Jan Ferreira
    by Jan Ferreira 6 years ago
    Thanks Paul, everything you say makes sense to me and I feel I am running my 582 at the correct settings.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 5 years ago
    Here is am example where the winds were calm on the ground and it was blowing 25 MPH at altitude measured tail wind and we had to go back down through the shear so I warn the student that "we may get some pretty good bumps as we descend"
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