Trike Formation

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Nothing better than flying with friends in smooth air, beautiful scenery, and great planes! This video was shot over central Florida prior to the afternoon thunderstorms. Wes flies the camera ship with Larry and Sean flying a Revo and a Detla Jet.

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  • Sean Scott
    by Sean Scott 9 years ago
    Looks like Abid beat me to the upload of our video from Saturday. Still hope you all like it. - Sean.
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 9 years ago
    Sorry man, I didn't realize you were here. Welcome
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 9 years ago
    Next time use the song "You look so fine" from Garbage ... would be nice to hear her sing those words for these beautiful trikes :)
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 9 years ago
    Your video is much better than Abid's anyway :)
  • Hal Glenn
    by Hal Glenn 8 years ago
    Looks like so much fun!!!
  • Frode Leikvoll
    by Frode Leikvoll 8 years ago
    Super cool:)
  • Ryan  McAnarney
    by Ryan McAnarney 8 years ago
    What were you guys flying at? Like 7 grand or what? Oh yeah Abid Larry Sean I have some killer footage of flying in and around the island but it was filmed in blue ray/hd so I cant do anything with it.
  • Jozinko Sajan
    by Jozinko Sajan 8 years ago
  • Mark Rubenstein
    by Mark Rubenstein 8 years ago
    Okay, that does it! I am selling everything and and moving to Florida.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 7 years ago
    Great video, The gangsters of the sky (atleast that is what the music tells me)...LOL..Too bad the FAA won't let you put sidewinders on your Revos.
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