Top of the Line True Ultralight Trike

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This is a Northwing Maverick 2 trike with a Solaris soaring wing. This is unique because it has a four stroke fuel injected engine. It also has an advanced glass panel and an aircraft radio

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  • Karey Love
    by Karey Love 3 years ago
    Verner engine! Has this been proven to be reliable? I remember all the negative comments years ago of previous iterations of the Verner engines. What sort of warrantee does this company provide?
  • Scott Williams
    by Scott Williams 3 years ago
    Thanks Paul! That is a really good looking ride. Some unique features for a Part 103.
  • Joe Hockman
    by Joe Hockman 3 years ago
    Thanks Paul for the video. You are basically reviewing my trike that I have been flying for a couple years minus a few differences. What I am currently flying is the Pacer 13M wing. Much faster and cuts through turbs better. Can push the part 103 speed limit. I asked Kamron 2yrs ago to modify a 17M Solairus wing (designed for the lighter ATF and Solairus trikes) to work well with the slightly heavier wing loading of a Maverick trike. So the wing that Paul's student ordered is that wing. Square tips vs fiberglass curve tips on standard Solairus. Slightly beefed up keel and the VG has been retained.

    Other difference is my JCV-360 is carburated. Friend of mine (ME professor) pioneered that EFI adaptation to this engine and later Verner adopted it. EFI is perhaps the holy grail to ensure ideal air/fuel ratio through out rpm band but it does come with some complications, lots of wires, pressurized fuel lines through electric fuel pump, a bit more weight etc.

    Karey you asked about reliability. My experience so far has been great. Well designed. Will wait til I have a few hundred hours on it before I can provide a more definitive response.

    Paul, I look forward to a full flight evaluation especially of the wing, but also your impressions on the power plant.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 3 years ago
    If possible, I would like to see a video of this trike in flight.
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 3 years ago
    Believe it or not I have a brand new yellow Maverick with all the options sitting in our showroom ready for sale. It has the pacer 13 wing and the Kawasaki 440. I was surprised it cruised in the 60s effortlessly. It will be at Sun N fun this year along with Kamron and a Northwing booth. And don't forget we will have the REV at SNF this year as well.
  • Arthur Thompson
    by Arthur Thompson 3 years ago
    On the JCV-360: The stock engine uses Walbro carburetors. These carbs, like Tillotson and others have no midrange adjustment. On 2 strokes, this is not much of an issue but on a 4-stroke, the carbs must be set rich in both idle and WOT. Idle rich to have enough fuel to move into midrange without stalling due to lean mixture and rich WOT to ensure enough fuel cooling at cruise rpm to prevent overheating. Having to run rich increases fuel consumption and reduces power at idle and WOT. It is tricky to adjust the mixture at cruise rpm to ensure proper cooling without running too rich. Using EGT temperatures to ensure proper cooling is a good idea. Converting to EFI (Ecotrons $699) allows the ECU to set mixture correctly at all rpms. Bottom line: ditch the Walbros and spend the bucks on EFI, well worth the extra $$.
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