sonya coy

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
this is my wife Sonya's video her first. she's very excited to put it up. hurry up is it up yet. I don't know are you going to make me pumpkin pie. Anyways I thought it turned out pretty good and demonstrates why we love to fly trikes and most certainly enjoy spending time with all the wonderful friends at fly ins thanks for watching

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  • white eagle
    by white eagle 2 years ago
    this is my wife's first video flying at the Polson Montana fly in 2014
  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 2 years ago
    Very nice! Now you need to help her and get her also a GoPro to mount in the trike so she can mixed different views from the hand held + the mounted camera :-) ... oh ... do I hear Santa is near?
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