Ski Flying. 2015 Winter season in Ak.

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Ski Flying video.

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  • garrett speeter
    by garrett speeter 3 years ago
    2015 Winter season ski flying.
  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 3 years ago
    Great video and inspiring for use budding winter flyers. Winter is winding down here in NH and with warm, 50 degree days a set of ski's would be a nice addition to get my amphib flying before the snow melt.
  • wexford air
    by wexford air 3 years ago
    That is an awesome video.and a brilliant soundtrack as well. Well Done :-)
    What video cam are you using?
  • Jim Garrett
    by Jim Garrett 3 years ago
    Love the flying up North.... looks cold though...great video. Thanks.
  • garrett speeter
    by garrett speeter 2 years ago
    Glad you all liked it.
    Thanks for watching!
  • garrett speeter
    by garrett speeter 2 years ago
    Using cell phone cameras or a gopro hero 3.
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 2 years ago
    Cool stuff! Where do you get your music? Can you send me a link?
  • garrett speeter
    by garrett speeter 2 years ago
    I come across the songs while listening to instrumental music on pandora. If I like it I download it. This one was is a band called Emancipator.
  • Glade Montgomery
    by Glade Montgomery 2 years ago
    Super cool!
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