Session 5 - Short Crosswind Evening flight with Go Around (Nov 15, 2014)

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
After such a wonderful flight just one week before, decided to go up for a quick sunset round. A nice night for a quick set of pattern circuits with calm winds but slight crosswinds near the ground. I guess I just wasn't "feeling it" this evening and was struggling with the landings.

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  • Daniel Burroughs
    by Daniel Burroughs 3 years ago
    Thanks Drew for bringing us along on those go-arounds. I too am a student on my solo endorsement....and getting smooth landings is tough work .... at least at this point in my learning. Let's keep practicing.
  • Drew Pawlak
    by Drew Pawlak 3 years ago
    Thanks Daniel - thanks for the feedback. Sharing the good and the areas for improvement. Glad you find these useful. Yep - lots more practice and good times to come. It is hugely rewarding when you get to grease in a perfect landing! I'm learning technique is everything and when used correctly, the landings get better.
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