Ridin' Around In The Breeze

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street

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  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 9 months ago
    Maybe it's just me but damn, that runway seems excessively long :). I fly off a 6k' runway and it seems short compared to what's in your vid
  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 9 months ago
    Runway 22/4 at Double Eagle Albuquerque is 7,398'x100'. I can takeoff and land about 6 times down the runway easily.
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 9 months ago
    Good job Frank. Damien says you're kicking some ass now. Get in your 100 landings and get your XC flights done with Damien. I can show you the maneuvers and with your recent ground school, a pilot will be born. Frank
  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 9 months ago
    Thanks for the ground school Frank. Well worth it. I've been flying in the evenings too. Much better flying I think.
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 8 months ago
    I'm very proud of you Mr Roush ! Keep at it and like Mr Dempsey said lets get your Sport Pilot. My only tip sir :-)

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