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eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
This is a video that did not make the transition when the site changed so I'm re-posting it. It utilizes a number of different camera mounting points, segments of which have been spliced together, to produce an overall view and tell the story. I did it in black and white since the camera used was cheap and had poor resolution.

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  • Diego Sagrera
    by Diego Sagrera 8 years ago
    Your videos are different.... I like your stile.
  • Mark Newell
    by Mark Newell 8 years ago
    Good to see your having fun with the video medium :)
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 8 years ago
    Thanks for the comments. Telling little stories in a couple of minutes featuring is one of the goals of these videos. The flexibility of a trike as a camera platform is much greater than with any other aircraft. It is possible to add motion to the scene depending upon where the camera is mounted it is all up to the videographer and the scene which all relates back to the story.

    It takes more time and energy in planning the shots and multiple takes are required but I believe it adds more to the video and makes it more enjoyable for the viewer, which is what it is all about. The more people who see and enjoy our videos the more people who will become interested in light sport weight shift control aircraft.
  • Mark Newell
    by Mark Newell 8 years ago
    Couldn't agree more, I'm dusting off the video camera and preparing to do some new videos soon :)
  • Magdi Shalash
    by Magdi Shalash 7 years ago
    Incredibly Artistic @ the stick & the edit software not to mention the script
    Thanks for sharing
  • Toby SkyDog
    by Toby SkyDog 7 years ago
    weirdo or genius?? Have to think on this one.
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 7 years ago
    Yes, the video was a success. It generated a thought in someone else.
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 7 years ago
    Black and White? That's different. You must be a fan of 12 Monkeys it seems like and possibly even The Bleep Do We Know.
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 7 years ago
    Everything in film history can be co-opted and remade as a trike video to generate interest in the sport. How about a film noir trike video, with lots of shadows and window blinds.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 7 years ago
    Nobody gave you 5 stars for this one yet?! There you go B.
    Rating can give both positive feedback and change the likelihood Joe Public will see one video versus another. So, in addition to the great service that making positive videos provides, we can ALL help by uprating positive videos.
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 7 years ago
    Thank you.
  • Mike-in- Thailand
    by Mike-in- Thailand 7 years ago
    That's the spirit! After the bad guys fire-off their ICBMs, if all else fails, hiding under a picnic blanket will see us through.
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 7 years ago
    I think hiding under a blanket is a perfectly rational response, what I can't see can't hurt me. Wrong.

    This was a visual response to the locals who had trouble with the concept of aerotrekking (flying somewhere). Rational explanations had little effect and I created this piece to suggest what they could do when they saw a trike flying in their vicinity.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 7 years ago
    Good video, would you mind sharing your camera setup and how you do it?
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 7 years ago
    Please Google "how to mount a video camera on an aircraft" for ideas.
    Also see:
    which shows some of the mounts I was using at the time.
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