Part 5 Lake Tahoe Cross Country flight

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Part 5 transition training for a sailplane pilot learning to fly a trike. This is from the Sierra cres at about 10,000 feet to lake Tahoe Airport doing a touch and go

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  • Tony DeFreece
    by Tony DeFreece 6 years ago
    This is a good example of a well-produced video training series. I "the viewer" am right there in the cockpit, listening and learning about the different aspects that arise during flight. I personally have benefited from watching this series, picking up tidbits along the way and at times they've taken me back to my own training, refreshing my memory of what I learned during that time.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 6 years ago
    Thanks Tony,
    I have moved the other Part 1 to part 4 and the how to use the Enigma over to the trike training group so this series is easily accessable.
  • Tony DeFreece
    by Tony DeFreece 6 years ago
    Ah, okay; thanks for letting me know, Paul. Also, I want to personally thank you for how much you've done for all of us. I've trained with both Ole and John B. but I've also learned SO much from you via your books and DVDs (and of course from your advice in "comments" of videos posted on TPS). Your books are laid out in such a way as to make learning not so daunting and your DVDs are high-quality in picture, audio, and most importantly, content. For anyone training for sport pilot, your training materials are a must.
    Tony D, cold and wet in Battle Ground, WA
  • Mike Nixon
    by Mike Nixon 6 years ago
    Hi Paul, i also agree with Tony and thank you for your time and money you spend on these video's. As a new trike pilot i really find it very helpfull and look foreward for more.
    Thanks again, Mike Nixon in Morgan Hill, Ca
  • Victor Agadzi
    by Victor Agadzi 6 years ago
    Hi Paul,
    Unfortunately,dont come around much on this website anymore with an occasional surprise visit. still good stuff coming from all. Great video demoing different aspects of training and definitely neat to revisit the student days on board with ya. Nice work incorporating technology and a definite well produced peice. Just canceled my ski trip to North Star. Maybe can get a freezing flight or 2 instead..........
  • Jorge Diaz
    by Jorge Diaz 6 years ago
    Paul, I totally agree with everyone. I would have not came out to Carson City if it weren't for your instructional videos. Your teaching methods are very thorough. Hope to be flying with you very soon in my own trike! Enjoy the holidays. God Bless.
    Jorge Diaz Rockwall, TX
  • Uwe Goehl
    by Uwe Goehl 6 years ago
    Paul is doing for Weight-Shift training what John and Martha King have done for airplanes. Glad somebody puts this effort into it.
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