Pahrump 2015 Balloon Festival Fly-in

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Special thanks to Leo and Janice from for the invite and hospitality and all the wonderful Trike Pilot friends we spent the weekend with! You guys rock!!

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  • Jackye  Reynolds
    by Jackye Reynolds 3 years ago
    Great video Leo! Thanks for sharing! Some of us are jonesing with another Winter Blast. C'mon Springtime!
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Thank you Jackye! It's my first ever! :D
    Hang in there.....just another month or so and we should see some warming up! ;)
  • Peter Del Vecho
    by Peter Del Vecho 3 years ago
    Nice video Leo! Nicely done. Fun to be able to see it from your perspective:) Still can't believe how quickly you solo'd! Well done.
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Thank you Peter! I really wish the GoPros captured more of "Us" flying rather than just me flying. Putting it on the right wing recorded 50% of what was around me. There's only one solution to the problem......more GoPros! hahaha! Great flying with ya Peter, really looking forward to our next gathering. :)
  • Gregg Ludwig
    by Gregg Ludwig 3 years ago
    Nice video of the flying site and festival Leo. What are you using for a GoPro mount?
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Thanks Gregg! I'm using the sticky plastic pads that come with a GoPro and the Gopro Hardware. It's mounted (stuck on) under my winglets.
  • Scott Williams
    by Scott Williams 3 years ago
    Really cool Leo. I love the shot of all three of you skimming the desert floor. Nice job on that landing too. It's going to be interesting shifting to the performance of the Profi coming from a 19M single surface. You come in hot and it doesn't bleed off fast. Woo hoo! Better find a longer runway!
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Hey Scott! Thanks bro. You will love your Profi TL. I believe Larry stated this about a week ago in regards to the Profi TL14.5
    "Great all around wing. Feels big, flies slow and fast very well and very forgiving wing. For a 14.5 it one of the best".
    Not knowing much else, all I can say is Larry is spot on. That's pretty much how it feels. It's got a wide rage of speeds.
    It takes very little input for the wing to follow commands. I fly with my palms resting on the control bar just totally relaxed. Check out the video, right around the 2:30 mark, I take off and bank left as I climbed out. The turn was as if the wing was on rails man....very solid.
    You're right about it not bleeding off speed also. Man, it's an energy retentive monster. It just goes and goes and goes in ground effect.
    Once you get a feel for it, you can start shortening your landings, but it takes a little practice to hunt for the right formula. Of course, then again, having more than just a front drum brake could help. :P
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 3 years ago
    Hey Leo, you already sound like a CFI, man, good !! LOL
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 3 years ago
    Scott if you want a 200 hour always hangered Profi TL with electric trim, I have customer who bought a Cheval 12 for his trike who is wanting to sell it right in your area (Virginia) for $5350.00 Its in very good shape. Let me know. Its available now. You can probably drive and pick it up saving shipping cost as well
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    LOL Henry! :P /thumbs up
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 3 years ago
    Nice takeoff and landing technique. It's always great to see a real flare. Well done!
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Thank you Larry! :)
  • cem kumbaracı
    by cem kumbaracı 3 years ago
    Hi Leo that's a very nice video keep it up ı see you have Aeros tl .Excellent wing.If you are interested i have a different way of mounting gopro on wing tips,which will not shake at all.
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Hi Cem! Glad you liked it! After talking with ya for so long on YouTube I was going to contact you on there and send ya the link. Glad to see you on here!

    I'm very interested! That was the one thing I didn't care for. The camera shakes too much.
  • cem kumbaracı
    by cem kumbaracı 3 years ago
    If you give me your e- mail I will send you some pictures and describe how to do it.
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Thank you Cem! Sent it to your inbox here on the forum. :)
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