mt kozi morning

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Morning flight by Martin Braatz from his home airfeild to Australias Highest Mountain, Mount Kosciuszko

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  • Craig Dingwall
    by Craig Dingwall 3 years ago
    Oh man, awesome Martin and good to see a post from a Oz pilot I was beginning to think they were all closet flyers :-)

    Great vid, great tunes mate. Out of interest what is the altitude of the airfield AMSL and what were you at over the top of Kozi? It looked pretty bumpy over the top was it or does it look worse than it was?

  • Martin Braatz
    by Martin Braatz 3 years ago
    Thanks Craig for your comment. The take off was from the small town of Corryong in NE Victoria which is about 25 nautical miles at AMSL of 960 feet from Australias highest mountain at about 7309 feet. yeah there was a little mountain turbulance, made me pucker a bit but as soon as i headed back it disappeared. i expected it but it was certainly worth the view.
    I understand your comment about the OZ pilots. I wish there were more of us around to. Ive got this place to myself but id love to share it with other pilots. At least through this site i can share it with pilots like yourself.

  • Bob  Hayes
    by Bob Hayes 3 years ago
    Great video Martin, enjoyed it very much. We have a very active scene here in far north queensland, including my wife, Tracey who is the first female trike pilot to have flown the morning glory.
  • Javier Garbajosa
    by Javier Garbajosa 3 years ago
    Great landscape!
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