Lazy Eight maneuver

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The Lazy Eight maneuver aids the pilot in mastering the feel of aircraft control.

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  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 10 months ago
    Begin with clearing turns in both directions. From S&L flight and cruising rpm's, start with a pull-in to gain an extra 5 mph. Roll calmly and pitch aggressively, then let the wing fall into the maximum bank as the nose comes through the horizon. As the airspeed increases start your gentle rollout. and return the pitch to normal attitude as your heading nears the target. Then reverse the turn in the opposite direction. Work your way up to the maximums in pitch and roll. The aerodynamic forces remain positive and relaxed at all times.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 10 months ago
    That is an awesome video and a fun way to master skills too.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 10 months ago
    Again Doug thanks for supporting/promoting Advanced Trike Maneuvers
  • Tony Ford
    by Tony Ford 10 months ago
    This was demonstrated to me,by Doug, while training. He stated to me "Do not do try this at home or in your trike, until you are more qualified"! It really is a smooth manuever, that shows the use of the trikes trade off of energy. In the hands of an experienced pilot, it is really not that straining on a trike. Very graceful.
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