Larry's trike student flies an airplane

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Larry's advanced trike student who just learned how to do a crosswind landing (Larry style) decided to fly an airplane. See what happens

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  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    I can see the distinctive style that one wheel take off and touches right to the landing, lol

    love it very clever stuff
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    I absolutely love Cubs....if I could have one fixed wing aircraft, it would definitely be a Cub. I use to live in Idaho and I have seen many back country proud pilots and their Piper Cubs and their mad flying skills.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 6 years ago
    Wingtips must have Kevlar pads built-in -- I hope....
  • Jorge Diaz
    by Jorge Diaz 6 years ago
    WOW!! That is CrAzY! Never seen anything like that!
  • scott smith
    by scott smith 6 years ago
    Thats like the old flying farmer act I saw a few years ago at an airshow. This 8o yearold man wins a drawing for a ride in a cub. He hobbles out to the plane with a walker and they spend 10 minutes loading him up and then he takes off without the pilot. He then proceeds to do things in the air that are just unbelievable. When he lands, he runs and does a handspring and a back flip on the runway.
  • Jose Quiros
    by Jose Quiros 6 years ago
    Wow that was alot of fun thanks for sharing this video. :-)
  • Uwe Goehl
    by Uwe Goehl 6 years ago
    Some of my landings look like that, and I am not even trying! :-)
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 6 years ago
    Keep those landings for your airline jets. On the trikes you better land better than that or your instructors look bad Uwe :)
  • Uwe Goehl
    by Uwe Goehl 6 years ago
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