Justins Lesson

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street

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  • Damien B
    by Damien B 6 months ago
    I put this short video together during Justin's Lesson. I have the Audio/Wing Tip camera finally working to my satisfaction. Justin is only 23 and since this video has made a few landings now completely without me touching the wing! It's a really great feeling for both of us and I can see the first major milestone on the horizon now - a can of "SOLO" with his name on it ! Also it's a great feeling to have someone so young in the sport so I hope he becomes a great pilot and great ambassador for the sport!
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 months ago
    Awesome Damien, that landing was very nice, slow and smooth. Your student did awesome job there. Does your trike cruise at 55 mph?
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 6 months ago
    Good stuff! There were some nice key points in this short video with some nice control.
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