I love this 6 blade E-prop !!

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I love E-props. It is THE best prop I ever flew. It is not only a top performer, but it is also very quiet and smooth. It weights only fraction of any other ordinary props. It produces no (or unnoticeable) p-factor, so my trike flies straight all the time from idle to full power. No stress to my gear box during engine start up and stop. It has distinctive sound and I just love it.

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  • Larry Perkin
    by Larry Perkin 6 months ago
    Hi Henry. I assume the prop installation is very similar to the 4 blade install video that LM posted a while back? Do you trailer your Revo to/from all the wonderful destinations you fly? Any issues when the wing is folded back? Or, potentially scraping a blade along the top inside of the trailer?
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 6 months ago
    Hi Larry, yes I use my trailer to transport my trike offten. My trailer ceiling height is 7’, enough to a accommodate Revo with 6 blade e-prop. Pitch adjustment is very easy. I can do it in half hour. E-Prop comes its own digital angle proctor. The blade tips are very sharpe. So I cover it to protect my wing during folding the wing. Once the wing folded, the blades clear the wing.
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