holy crap

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
see this ................................OMG

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  • Gary Berdeaux
    by Gary Berdeaux 5 years ago
    Great way to commute to the paragliding ridge!
  • Toni  Makela
    by Toni Makela 5 years ago
    Just awesome :)
  • Karey Love
    by Karey Love 5 years ago
    Tom: Is that you in this video? You don't credit yourself. You invited me to join you in Co, and your are on my bucket list! How about July? I took the whole darn month off for playing. I want to paraglide. If I had 6 weeks off, I'd trailer my Quik out there to to enjoy Colorado's great beauty. Good job on the video and the music.
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