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eg: stopmotion, new-york, street

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  • Doug Wheaton
    by Doug Wheaton 9 years ago
    So yo yo yo dog listen, I thought you made a great song choice for the video. It was a little pitchy at times for me, But all in all I thought it was a great job.Dog you definately move on to the next round.
  • Mike-in- Thailand
    by Mike-in- Thailand 9 years ago
    Very nice video indeed - this Hi-Def works really well.
  • Raynald Pilote
    by Raynald Pilote 9 years ago
    Very nice vidéo,
  • Tony DeFreece
    by Tony DeFreece 7 years ago
    Grinned all the way through. Good video Spencer.
  • Lee Schmitt
    by Lee Schmitt 7 years ago
    nice helmet (and video) what kind of helmet is it?
  • Spencer Forman
    by Spencer Forman 7 years ago
    That's my custom Nolan helmet with personalized ear protectors... I did a full tutorial post on this some time back: http://web.archive.org/web/20050403175002/http://trikepilot.com/howto_helmet.html Gives 30db protection, as I have bad tinnitus and have to protect what I have left of my hearing ;-)
  • Lee Schmitt
    by Lee Schmitt 7 years ago
    too cool!
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