Hang Gliding Tahoe

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Just finished this video and posted it on YouTube to show what a simple flight is here from Carson City Nevada. This is the first video of my new S-LSA Apollo.

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  • Hal Glenn
    by Hal Glenn 8 years ago
    Beautiful trike and seemed to be running so smooth!!! Enjoyed the video!!
  • Qazi  Ajmal
    by Qazi Ajmal 8 years ago
    such a nice movie. and good flying
  • Mark Newell
    by Mark Newell 8 years ago
    in flight music, nice
  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    Brings back memories of my training days!
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 8 years ago
    Yes the music "learning to Fly" is pretty cool to play once the intro student starts relaxing and flying.

    Christopher, I hope your training days were enjoyable. I sure enjoy training people.
  • Spencer Forman
    by Spencer Forman 8 years ago
    Paul, FYI, YouTube strips-out the music from the FooFighters automatically. The only way around that is if you use some music-editing software to raise the pitch of the song by a few semi-octaves so that it cannot be recognized as having the same pattern as the original song.
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 8 years ago
    If your looking for music to go with your video and are having problems with copyrighted material I would suggest using creative commons licensed material available from the internet archive http://www.archive.org/ . They have tons of stuff and you can cut and paste to your hearts content, just follow license requirements, which is generally give credit to the author… I always include a link to the material or the author as a courtesy at the end of the video, that recognizes their contribution to the work. It is the easiest way to get the all important audio that enhances the video experience.
  • Chris Wills
    by Chris Wills 8 years ago
    Nice video Paul! Also, that's a pretty snazzy ride...a nice step forward from the Cosmos/Chronos I'd bet. What wing are you flying and what are your impressions of the Monsoon and the new wing? Handling? Setup? Speed range? Fit and finish?
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 8 years ago
    Last summer in Hawaii I got about 400 hours in the Airborne/streak3/topless and Tanard/iXess all with 912's. With all the loading and unloading people, snarly conditions, etc. it proved to be a great testing ground. The Airborne was a little squishy for the 200 plus ers. The iXess was a little stiff in the bumps. Without question the Tanard was the most comfortable with the student way in the back.

    I had a chance to fly all the Apollo wings and Trikes last year and finally decided they had been in business long enough to be viable.

    After realizing the LODA was not going to happen I choose the Apollo for the following reasons:
     Large payload where I can carry students/passengers up to 280 pounds.
     Very roomy for the passenger in back and easy for them to get in and out. Hard floor you can stand on.
     topless wings I like to fly are standard
     looks sexy with a complete fiberglass body
     color glass instrument panel with integrated GPS
    Not that the Airborne or Air Creation does not have some of these advantages, but the Apollo has all of these. The right combination for me. I am flying a Aeros 14.5 topless wing and it is right in between the more flexible Streak 3 and the stiffer iXcess. They are all good wings but I like the light touch of my Cosmos Chrnos wing. The new Northwing Reflex wings Apollo has now really handle well and would be my choice. I personally prefer a super easy handling wing not the stiffer XC wing. The form/fit of the Monsoon is almost as good as the Tanard, and the Revo form/fit is at the same top level as the Tanard.
    There is no comparison to the Enigma glass panel. This is without question the best instrument arrangement available. I am doing a short video on these Apollo/Enigma features that I will have out in a few days to entice students to come train with me.
  • Chris Wills
    by Chris Wills 8 years ago
    Nice little review Paul. I flew a Chronos 16 for four years and although only have the perspective of 10 years old memories, it seems that it was a much friendlier wing to fly than my Kiss 13 (not that the Kiss is a bad wing). Am I reading correctly that you find the Aeros fun like the Chronos? I'm a morning/evening pleasure flier and like a little speed but pure XC performance isn't what I'm after. After years of flying hang gliders in the high deserts, I can fly rough, punchy conditions but just don't care to do it anymore. Now that I'm older (wiser?), I'll take a nice glassy evening over a ripper to cloudbase anytime!
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 8 years ago
    Whenever it gets moderately bumpy in a trike I remember the Hang Gliding days where we craved bumps. This is questionable along with many of my other experiences/history.

    No the Aeros is a little stiffer than I would have chose, but I always try to adapt to the wing. It is all relative. Simply “fly the wing” whatever that takes. It turns out after about 50 hours on it now, it is really feeling good. However my intro/discovery students always say from the back seat "it sure takes allot of muscle to control this". So let that be the judge.
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