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Trike flying October 21, 2017 with Tony Ford.

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  • Craig Dingwall
    by Craig Dingwall 7 months ago
    Nice vid Fred always good being up with other Trikes.
    Do you not have trouble with your Ipad affecting your compass? I have found that if my Ipad is anything closer than about 16"-18" then it throws my compass off like a wild thing!
  • Fred Snyder
    by Fred Snyder 7 months ago
    Hi Craig, I haven't noticed that issue. Checked it out tonight while cleaning up the hanger, compass swung off by 1 degree, by came back in less than 5 seconds. I'll do some more testing on the compass rose next time I'm going up. I'm using an I-pad mini, with sim card and external Dual XGPS 150. I'm running the FlyQ app.
  • Craig Dingwall
    by Craig Dingwall 7 months ago
    Hi Fred, thanks, that's interesting. Mine is full size Ipad but has a profound effect on the compass therefore making it a little challenging to mount in such limited space.
    Nice setup you have there.
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