Folding a REVOLT

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
How to fold a REVOLT for transport in a trailer.

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  • White Eagle
    by White Eagle 3 months ago
    Too easy
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 3 months ago
    Good stuff Larry. I like the Cart for trailering, good idea. I also like the hard plastic batten ends and string to tension the battens on the sail.

    I find the new clip type of batten ends, though cleaner looking are not as sturdy for taking the wing down (easy to break them) and also not as visible. It's easy to forget to remove a batten when pulling the wing in to bag it, as they are less visible than the solid plastic ends that protude from the trailing edge.

    I have a soft spot for the Northwing Navajo and loved the fact you could remove one pin and drop the wing on the ground with 2 fingers. I've had it in 60mph gusts at the Salton Sea one night but with the control bar on the ground and tied down like that it didn't budge.

    Here was how I folded the wing on the Navajo to slot it into tight spots in a hanger:


  • Glade Montgomery
    by Glade Montgomery 3 months ago
    It's too cool Larry.
  • Brian Fox
    by Brian Fox 3 months ago
    Agreed that is very cool, simple and easy to understand
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