Flying with the Devil

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My friend Frank got a new blood red Apollo 912s Delta Jet. I call it the "Red Devil". We went flying over Rio San Jose and the "Big Red Spot", near Albuquerque last week. I took the video with my Aiptek 1080P camera, set in 720p 60Hz mode. The camera was mounted on the control bar. I am amazed how clear the video is. On my computer at home, it looks flawless. For some reason, the viewer here blocks the HD mode. If you want to get the HD version, go to the vimeo page, If you join vimeo, you can download the whole enchilada, the 488MB HD .wmv file from the vimeo page. That's the best way to watch it. Enjoy the flight. Jeff

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  • Frode Leikvoll
    by Frode Leikvoll 9 years ago
    Great video Jeff!
    Very impressed by the quality on the Aipek captures. I just bought a Samsung photocamera with 1080P video and wideangle. Will test it during next week as the season starts at tuesday when I'm back home. haven't had a long flight in 6 months and am about to explode!
    Happy flying, and keep filming!
  • Jan Ferreira
    by Jan Ferreira 9 years ago
    Hey Jeff, the best quality video I have seen in a long time. One day I want to make video's like this..:>)
  • Scott  Freebird Johnson
    by Scott Freebird Johnson 9 years ago
    Hi Jeff Nice footage. that little Aiptec 1080p gets a nice clear picture. It would be interseting to see it on my h.d .T.V. Say iam looking for somthing low cost in the hi def that I can use to film at the WAG 2009 with. Would you buy one again after owning one ? Thanks Much Scott Johnson
  • Spencer Forman
    by Spencer Forman 9 years ago
    The 1080 seems to solve the issues we have when using the 720p which is at 30fps.... and looks like there is some kind of stroboscope effect. Obviously well worth the upgrade... and still a great value!
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 9 years ago
    To Scott Johnson,

    Yes, I would buy another Aiptek1080p. The key to getting good video is to record in the 720p, 60hz mode and have a very solid mount. If you record in 30hz, any vibration gets into the video, producing a wavy effect the totally spoils the video. I spent a lot of time experimenting with a camera mount to keep the camera from vibrating. If you look on my web page,, and go to the FAQ page, you will see some pictures of my camera mount and some examples of wavy video.

    The other thing I did was add a wide angle lens, its on the FAQ page too. You need this for flying, otherwise you will never get anything in the view.

    The raw video looks perfect, and I usually fly with the camera on the control bar, capturing video. It is always on, so I can go back later and grab a frame of video for a nice still. These stills are almost as good as my hand held video camera, as long as I don't enlarge them. This is really nice when you have to concentrate on flying instead of filming, like air-to-air video, landing, or flying canyons.

    You can get a big memory stick and record for hours. I have an 8GB stick, and it will record 4 hours of 720p, 60hz. I think the max it will take is 64GB. The battery only lasts an hour, so I have rigged up a charger so I can replentish the batteries in flight.
  • Scott  Freebird Johnson
    by Scott Freebird Johnson 9 years ago
    Hi Jeff Thanks for all the info in your FAQ page. It covers a lot. For the price ,it seems like a good deal. I will have to go do more reading of reviews on amazon. What i have read so far is it does best in good light . So thats good for us outdoors folks. Thanks Again Scott
  • Mike-in- Thailand
    by Mike-in- Thailand 9 years ago
    That looks like a lot of fun:) Amazing clarity too.
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