First solo with my Sabre

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My very first takeoff & landing with my Sabre Trike with a 447 Rotax engine & Sabre 16SS wing. My idle is just a bit under 2000 rpms giving the gear box a bit of chatter. Once that is adjusted it should be just about perfect! Pretty good short field take-off too! Reminded me of the combat takeoffs in the AF. Created on June 26, 2011 using FlipShare.

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  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 6 years ago
    Congratulation, Mike !!
  • scott smith
    by scott smith 6 years ago
    Congradulations. At Sportys when someone lands after their first solo, they blow a siren and everything stops and everyone floods the field.
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 6 years ago
    How may flights later did you go to 10,000 ft?
  • Mike Burdge
    by Mike Burdge 6 years ago
    Not sure how many "flights" later as I don't log them. I video every flight I take though. Without going to the hanger I would guess I had about 20 hours(flight hours-lol) between my solo & my 10,000 foot flight.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Many Congrats
  • Mike Burdge
    by Mike Burdge 6 years ago
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