First Flights Alone - no Larry!

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This video was shot 9 days after my instructor, Larry Mednick, left. I was finally all alone. These were my first flights with no instructor supervision at all. I was a bit nervous and this was a huge hurdle for me to overcome. I got in 5 pattern circuits and I think I did pretty well on this super calm evening. My Revo was a joy to fly and with each lap, I relaxed and became more confident.

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  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 3 years ago
    Lucky you :-) TWO solo's .... !!!
  • Drew Pawlak
    by Drew Pawlak 3 years ago
    Tony - I had one Solo in Florida and by regulation, Larry had to Solo me in PA at my home airport. These flights were the first ones with no instructor in sight! For some reason I saw this as a significant hurdle and I was very nervous. The first circuit of the pattern was white knuckles. It got easier (more relaxed) after the first flight. I had the airport all to myself which made it a very enjoyable evening flight sequence. Looking back...I did well and should have been more relaxed. Now I don't give it a second thought. :-) Larry taught me well.
  • Tony  Castillo
    by Tony Castillo 3 years ago
    That is great Drew... happy to hear you got that out of the way and now time to enjoy your new found freedom in the sky!!!!! cheers and congrats to Larry as well for training you right and getting you safely in your way!
  • Glade Montgomery
    by Glade Montgomery 3 years ago
    Congrats Drew. It looks fantastic.

    I just returned from my airport here in Shelton, WA. Following many days of rain, we had some blue sky and dead calm. I'd just finished installing the new MGL Discovery-Lite EFIS. It works perfectly and is beautiful. I did several dead stick landings. They were fun. I loved hearing nothing but air movement only. I've discovered some pilots (at least around here) think it's dead stick if you're at idle. No! It's only dead stick if the engine if fully off. I like to go dead stick from some distance out, but with plenty of altitude, then bring her in. Try it. You'll love it. Of course, I only do it when it's dead calm. The chance of needing a go-around when it's dead calm is, at least for me I think, de minimus (yeah, there's some Latin for you guys). I think it's a good confidence builder too. You just don't need no engine when the runway is within your glide slope.
  • Richard LaHood
    by Richard LaHood 3 years ago
    Congratulations Drew. We all get it... first time out without any help is A BIG ONE. It's when our world of "Freedom & Responsibility" comes clearly into view.
    Best advice now is... Fly a lot and fly often. In doing so- you'll keep your confidence and learning curve in full swing.
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