First flight venturing from the safety of the Airport

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My 3rd session flying solo as a student pilot. Starting to create a video diary of my flights with lessons learned. Turned out to be a really nice evening sunset flight with a challenging landing. Winds have been a challenge lately so this flight was in very calm conditions compared to the last weeks weather. Only had one GoPro mounted this time. Working on improving my video editing skills in the process. Will add my second one for future flights.

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  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 3 years ago
    I can tell from your video that your instructor is Larry ? Sometime, you can understand your flight better in video. It is an ultimate flight log. Congratulation on your solo !!
  • Drew Pawlak
    by Drew Pawlak 3 years ago
    Henry - thanks and you nailed it! Going to Larry was a fantastic experience and learning his way of flying his trikes was very helpful. I've taken video of all of my flights since solo and it helps incredibly to watch them afterwards to see where I need to improve. These are not stunning videos like yours but helpful for me and I put myself out there for others to enjoy and comment/provide advice. Still have much to learn.
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