Dream Flight over the Rio Grande, San Luis Valley, Colorado, July 2009

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A dream flight . . . That's how I remembered it. These scenes streamed by before being lost behind me. I dared not look back or I would miss the next one, and I needed to stay in position behind Paul, but slightly above his prop wash. I had flown in over the exact same place 3 days earlier, but that was in the afternoon. Something about the fresh cool morning air and the promise of a long trip ahead of me that made me put away my camera and just enjoy the experience and fly. . . . Thankfully, I captured it on the video so I can put myself back in the cockpit and fly it again. --- 0:58 I saw a pair of horses slowly wading across the river. --- 1:30 Flying in the shadows. ---2:45 A small herd of wild horses on the banks of the river. --- 4:26 Time to gain some altitude over this shallow section of the Rio Grande Gorge. --- 6:29 The horses about a 1/2 mile to right are on a morning run. They weren't scared of the trikes, they just like to run . . . Recorded on my Aiptek HD+, Watch it in HD here http://www.vimeo.com/6323508

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  • Dorothy Schwartz
    by Dorothy Schwartz 9 years ago
    Simply stunning. Thank You very much !!! :)
  • Frode Leikvoll
    by Frode Leikvoll 9 years ago
    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing Jeff, you're the best:)
  • Ronny larsson
    by Ronny larsson 9 years ago
    Truly amazing, as you say that hade to be a dream flight :)
  • Diego Sagrera
    by Diego Sagrera 9 years ago
    Nice video, very relaxing...
  • Jim M
    by Jim M 9 years ago
  • Den Triker
    by Den Triker 9 years ago
    Felt like I was there, very nice production.
  • Den Triker
    by Den Triker 9 years ago
    Felt like I was there, very nice production.
  • Michael Kocot
    by Michael Kocot 9 years ago
    Great Video! Had to sit and watch again. Thanks for sharing.
  • Brian Von Richthofen
    by Brian Von Richthofen 9 years ago
    WOW, what more is there to say, what a great day, what a great video. I would love to know what camera and software you are using. I have not viewed a video with quality as good as yours. Thank you for sharing.
  • Bill  Pilgrim
    by Bill Pilgrim 9 years ago
    Hi Jeff,
    How have you mounted the Aiptek on your Trike?
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 9 years ago
    Thanks for your positive comments. This video, more than any that I have previously made, really captures the experience I have flying my trike.

    If you haven't done so, try the vimeo page: http://www.vimeo.com/6323508 It has links that will take you directly to the scenes I am referring to. Click on "0:58", and you will see the horses wading across the river. A very nice feature. Also on the vimeo page is a download button. Scroll down and look on the right. Downloaded, it will play fullscreen at high res, no problem, without any networking hiccups.

    For details of the Aiptek 1080P camera and mount, go to the FAQ page at http://www.jeffsflightlog.com.

    by SAM COFFEE 8 years ago
    vERY COOL.
  • Skybird Triker
    by Skybird Triker 8 years ago

    I never get tired of watching your videos. I hope one day to be able to make it out your way and do some flying with you.

    Of course we have some great scenery up in the Highland Lakes area in the Texas Hill Country. The Colorado river runs into Buchanan Lake. There is a big tour business called the Vanishing Texas River Tour. It is a 25 mile boat trip from the lake up the river. Waterfalls, cliffs, canyons, and lots of Bald Eagles in the area. I have not made the flight yet but I have it all planned out. Just waiting for the right morning and one of buddies who wants to tag along.

  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 8 years ago
    Thanks Skybird,

    Some more videos are in the works, but the are on hold now because tomorrow (July 29) I will be giving a lecture at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. Its called "Over New Mexico" and I'll be showing some of my trike videos and photography on the huge IMAX screen at the Museum.

    I'll be showing aerial photography of famous places like Mt Taylor, the Rio Grande Gorge and some more obscure places like the mud waterfall on the Rio Puerco and "Caldron of Hell." I am closing out the show with "Dream Flight."



    It should be fun.

  • Skybird Triker
    by Skybird Triker 8 years ago
    OMG, If anyone's videos belong on an IMAX screen it's yours. Sure wish I was there to see it. Next stop...Hollywood.
  • Dave Dodson
    by Dave Dodson 7 years ago
    Dont forget northern Arizona Jeff ;)
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Jeff, I don't know how I ever missed your videos. I have added your name in the list of my favorite trike video makers.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    Hey I shoulda mentioned long ago that this is one of my absolute favorites- I'm on here now to get the link to send a friend I'd like to get into triking and using this video as an example. Gonna watch it again & meditate !!! :)
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