Death wish

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Loops in a trike, I have never seen a video like this one before. This is extreme. Wouldn't this cause a structure failure?

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  • Chris Harter
    by Chris Harter 7 years ago
    Yep just a matter of time. There is another vidio out there that show what happens when things go wrong. (Fatal)
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 7 years ago
    A BLOWN loop (and his loops here don't appear very graceful) certainly has the potential for causing a tumble which could cause structural failure of the glider.

    I saw this video on another link (but can't find it now) and the thing that blew me away was one of the commenters who stated that the pilot shown is actually a world renowned trike engineer. If someone knows where that link was, let us know.
  • Joe Swift
    by Joe Swift 7 years ago
    Here is the link that you are referring to David.
  • Werner Geier
    by Werner Geier 7 years ago
    High, Guy's! this is a very old viedeo,but dont worry,the pilot is still alive,he is one of the best Delta-Producer in the World,he also made the Wing of RAMPHOS,.. an Amphibian-Trike. In his Show,belive me ,he was not 1 second in dangerios condition.his name is Walter Mauri from Italy!
  • Werner Geier
    by Werner Geier 7 years ago
    the site is not finish yet, but go inside to check out,on Catalina is Walter the Pilot and on the Ramphos with the newest Wing from Walter ,is Enos the pilot
    Enjoy it!
  • Werner Geier
    by Werner Geier 7 years ago
  • Chris Harter
    by Chris Harter 7 years ago
    I don't buy it. Keep doing that in a trike and its just a matter of time. Glad to hear that he is still alive.
  • Vince  Morson
    by Vince Morson 7 years ago
    not my cup of tea but guys do this stuff all the time with hang gliders- how is this any different as long as the wing is within its structural load limits?
  • Ted  Bailey
    by Ted Bailey 7 years ago
    Not much difference? Not every HG or trike wing is up to the task.
    Same for HG pilots, even fewer triike pilots! No trike Aerobatic training!
    That makes it dangerous.
    Ever seen a HG or Trike wing with an aerobatic placard?
    That makes it dangerous.
    Like most things done by experts it may look easy or maybe
    even safe.
    Don't bet your life on it.
  • Vince  Morson
    by Vince Morson 7 years ago
    I agree that this is dangerous Ted. I wouldn't go near this stuff. My point is, if the loops don't exceed the structural limits of the wing and a guy knows his stuff, how is this different from looping a HG; ie, is there something inherently dangerous about having a trike below the wing that is not present with the pilot alone (HG?) You have to admit, this guy looks like he knows what he's doing.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 7 years ago
    Looping a hang glider is completly different than a trike because on a HG you can push the bar out all the way going over the top plus a lot less weight and drag overall. The only advantage the trike has is the power for up and over which you can hear the pilot using.
  • Ted  Bailey
    by Ted Bailey 7 years ago
    It depends on the wing and wt/load in Hg, the bar would normally be right at
    the top of my shoulders over the top apex of the loop. (big boy)
    There are trike wings that will do classic loops with a straight entry.
    Set/fixed throttle is best, in this vid it sounds like he is using foot throttle
    to power over. Better if the wing carries itself and flys over the top.
    Trike loops are easier to me than HG loops (you have power) and instead
    of bar from ankles to throat it's throwing the bar hard and fast enough to
    flex the LE and start the pitch up.
    Then its almost like a rotation on take off as the carriage catches up with
    the thrust and momentum it is flying over the top. What with < 18-24 inches
    of bar movement?
    The drag of a stick trike over a smooth podded one helps I think coming
    down the back side from exceeding vne. On the BRS saved list there is a
    triker on there twice from folding his Silent Racer slick trike doing aero
    with a passenger?
    Back in the 90's Aeros advertized on their website the Stranger wing was
    capable of doing loops that was why I bought one. I never flew it before
    I sold it, so I can't say if it was a good looper. In 103 there may be a few
    wings up to the task, but I am unsure of the trikes. I think most would
    benefit from a stronger engine mount system.
    If someone would build an aerobatic rated trike and wing I bet it would sell.
  • Kevin Potvin
    by Kevin Potvin 7 years ago
    Anybody seen the RedBull acrobatic helicopter. Not a fair comparison, but still WOW! There are no young risk taking helli pilots alive, nor will there be risky trike pilots. Fun to watch, don't try it at home, enjoy the show.
  • david coy
    by david coy 6 years ago
    he might bewoofo engineer or woofo pilot but hes a boofo example to those who are newbies. saw this same thing in 70s and 80s and alot of pilots that thought they were good enough to attempt it die. he may be top guy but piss poor example didnt even have brs. if he was woofo wouldnt he know that this brings unwanted attention and problems by the faa to honest saftey orientaded manufacturers .........the real woofo pilot is the one who sets the example for fellow nrwbies
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