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Engine off landing with a 305 lb passenger in a REVOLT

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  • wayne morrill
    by wayne morrill 1 year ago
    Hi Larry. I noticed the addition of a front compression strut. Is that for additional strength for the front wheel or just an add on for a bigger wind screen?
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 1 year ago
    Hi Wayne, the front Roll Cage has no structural job on the REVOLT. It is just for looks and holding a Giant wind screen. Although I suspect it would keep the occupants extremely safe in a roll over situation. This removes in seconds like a convertible allowing the pilot to choose what type of feel they get in the air. Wide open is pretty amazing.
  • Martin Braatz
    by Martin Braatz 1 year ago
    Gday Larry, just a quick question

    Is this front roll cage the wind protection you said you would reveal or is there a pod coming?
    cheers martin
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 1 year ago
    See photo I just posted with description.
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