Colorado Trike Flying, Pagosa Springs, September 2008

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In September 2008, Rick Frank and I flew up to Pagosa Springs Colorado. We flew up to Williams Lake, then explored the nearby Weminuche Valley. On the last day of the trip I flew up to the Piedra Valley and saw a powered parachute, then landed at sunset. This is a companion video to a article I wrote for the August 2009 issue of "Light Sport and Ultralight Flying Magazine." I filmed all of the video on my Aiptek HD+ 1080P camera. If you like it, leave me a message. Or go to my webpage at ---------------- This is part 2 of of a two part series. The first part, "Colorado Flying, Alamosa" is also available for viewing.

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  • Ronny larsson
    by Ronny larsson 9 years ago
    Just amazing :) But what can go wrong when you have that scenery to to fly in and a good camera :) Just SUPER !!!
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 9 years ago
    The reflections off the glassy lake surfaces are particularly impressive.
  • Silas Leite
    by Silas Leite 9 years ago
    Congratulation, very nice video, tanks for post!
  • Raynald Pilote
    by Raynald Pilote 8 years ago
    Very nice vidéo, i like to saw somethins like that ,hill, rivers .......

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