Colorado Trike Flying, Alamosa, July 2008

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Frank, Chris, Rick and I made a trike expedition to Alamosa, CO in July 2008. The next morning we followed the Rio Grande towards it's source, near Creede, CO. There were clouds at Wagon Wheel Gap, so Chris and I checked out a side canyon (Goose Creek) and when we returned the clouds had lifted. We continued to Creede and beyond to an amazing series of mountain lakes and meadows. The next day we headed back home, following the Rio Grande Gorge to Taos, and on to Albuquerque. This is a companion video to an article to be published in the August 2009 issue of Light Sport and Ultralight Flying Magazine. I filmed all of the video on my Aiptek HD+ 1080P camera. If you like it, leave me a message. Or go to my webpage at ------------------- This is part 1 of of a two part series. The second part, "Colorado Flying, Pagosa" is also available for viewing.

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  • charles  shirar
    by charles shirar 8 years ago
    wow Jeff. I cant remember when i last saw country so awesome and from such a vantage point. thanks, im saving that link.

  • Wesley Frey
    by Wesley Frey 8 years ago
    Wow!! That was a great experience. The video is very colorful and sharp. I feels like I am there. I would suggest more landing options, like over the water and trees. Were those sheep or goats running in front of you? The weather was cooperating nicely. A beautiful expose of God's creation.
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 8 years ago
    Horses are on the banks at 10:24 and at 11:40 that's a small herd of pronghorn antelope out in in the grasslands south of Alamosa. If you like this video, check out my most recent one, "Dream Flight."
  • Abid Farooqui
    by Abid Farooqui 8 years ago
    Wes, Jeff and a a couple of guys on here including the site owner are like the gurus of filming from trikes. They are like the master CFI's to learn from about filming from trikes while flying and editing. I know Jeff has been doing it for looong time.
  • Richard Coutts
    by Richard Coutts 8 years ago

    What can one say...... magnificent scenary

    by SAM COFFEE 8 years ago
    well done, even my spouse liked it
  • Dave Dodson
    by Dave Dodson 7 years ago
    Hi Jeff. Big fan of your videos.
    Question; Do you use a monitor while filming so you can see what 'we' see?
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 7 years ago
    Here is a small color LCD display I installed on my instrument panel as a monitor for my video camera. I started using it last July and it works great. I can read status info like battery life, record time left, tele/wide angle mode, Lots of good stuff. It also came with a small camera that I don't use, but may install as a rear facing camera or look down camera on the kingpost.

    or type "Pyle backup camera" into google.

    You can find it for less than $50.

  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    Hey Jeff I hadn't seen this video before. Nice one!
    Really funny though, Ken was online here so I messaged him... here was kinda the running commentary while we enjoyed your movie:

    Me:  whadya up ta
    Me:  Hey, I'm talkin to you!!!!
    (Trying to get his attention by beeping his computer)

    Me:  Don't look the other way, you know I'm talking to you!!!

    Ken:  Hey! Just sitting here looking at something else

    Me:  I'm watching one of Jeff's old videos:

    Me:  http://www.trikepilot....m=122

    Me:  Very intense music!!

    Ken:  I flew with a guy this morning that had flown with Barry previously
    Ken:  wanted to know what kind of trike he had
    Me:  Cool

    Ken:  looks like monsoon 912

    Me:  Yeah, Apollo Monsoon
    Me:  He seems to be a nice guy

    Ken:  Thats what this guy said

    Ken:  This music is making me anxious
    Me:  Oh, you watchin it too?

    Me:  Good vid though

    Ken:  YEa, I keep waiting for something to jump out at me

    Me:  Boo


    Me:  Sweet! Desert impala or something
    Ken:  Maybe pronghorn
    Ken:  antelope - very fast
    Me:  the impala were stampeding past some desert tortoises that were really moving out--
    Me:  cutting and weevin'
    Me:  full gallop

    Ken:  Thats what they do for sure
    Ken:  All four legs up
    Me:  no the tortoises were at full gallop
    Ken:  Yes, shell becomes a lifting body at high speeds
    Me:  lol

    Me:  That was a good vid!
    Ken:  Yeah!
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