Burning Man 2011

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  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Another awesome video from Damien in Damien style. Thank you.
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 6 years ago
    I think that imagination is the major distinguishing factor separating humans and the rest of the animal kingdom and this is an excellent example illustrating that idea.
  • Tom Donovan
    by Tom Donovan 6 years ago
    Great stuff Damien, realy enjoyed watching it. One day i will get to Burnning man, wanted to go for years.
    B Alvarius i agree it,s a great example.
  • Rick Dallas
    by Rick Dallas 6 years ago
    Thanks for another great Job !!!!! It looks like you have so much FUN!!!! I am a big fan of your videos thank Rick
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    Wow!!! Awesome, great 11:05 minutes of my life!!! (except for the dudes in underwear) ;) Most youtube videos over 4 minutes drag a little (except Henry's), but your's was captivating and fun throughout (partly directly related to the frequency of beautiful girls captured exclaiming their pleasure to you) You got some great footage and quotes for a liftime. thank you so much!
  • Dave Hasbrouck
    by Dave Hasbrouck 6 years ago
    Another great video, thanks. Noticed a trike in the NW corner of the aircraft parking area ( Goggle Earth, imagery date Sept, 2010). Is that you ?
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 6 years ago
    Rizwan, Eric, B Alvarius, Tom Donovan, Rick Dallas, David O, Dave Hasbrouck - Thank you for the wonderful feedback! David O, that's how I personally rate videos, if I start moving my hand towards the mouse to fast forward it, then something isn't right! Especially in this day and age with fast internet and instant gratification. So thank you! Dave Hasbrouck, not sure but that could be me (oh shoot, I told the lady I would be gone fishing that week ..... mmmm...). I was there last year and this year, I will have to check it out sometime. This wouldn't have been possible without all the beautiful people involved! They were so amazingly grateful for the flight, they didn't understand at the time but I hope they do now, that I was the one being given the greatest gift of their presence. Cheers, Damien
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    I have a lot to thank Damien for, first of all he was one of the first one to share his video camera setup (when most "experts" won't so no one steals their thunder) and got most of the newbies (like myself) to get to make videos of our own.

    And in my opinion even though there are great trike flying videos out there but when it comes to great video with great story telling...Damien definitely is the "uncrowned KING".
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    Agree Riz, the vid was cool and your right there are some great vids and we have some excellent pilots who are will to share and other who won't even give a simple reply about something, don't know what that's about at times, puzzling.
  • Dave  Salter
    by Dave Salter 6 years ago
    Amazing Amazing - one of the best videos ever.
  • E Harv
    by E Harv 6 years ago
    What a breath of fresh air. I've seen lots of videos here, but I think this is the first one I've taken the time to comment about. Thanks for taking the time to really put some creativity and storytelling into your film. I know that not every pilot has the time, skills, desire, or talent to pull that off, but when it is done, it REALLY stands out from the crowd. So much more satisfying for the viewer (and the filmmaker).
  • George Chase
    by George Chase 6 years ago
    I agree with Rizwan Damien has always shared info from the git go. Thanks Damien for a great story and video to back it up.
  • Captain X
    by Captain X 6 years ago
    There are so many great videos coming out lately- each one tops the next. Rock on guys and thank you!
    Henry made a video of all his secrets for all to share here: http://youtu.be/G0gul8RM9HQ
    Damien's are here: http://www.emuvideo.com/video/trike20060704cameras.wmv
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 6 years ago
    I finally got somewhere where videos load properly and I have to agree with you all-a great show. Looks like great flying. Which begs he questions Damien... How was the Black Rock in a 40 mph whiteout? How did you remove the gypsum dust after, or have you? Did you use a mask?
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 6 years ago
    Rizwan, thanks for the kind remarks ( I almost wrote kin"g" remark! I'm just a guy a bit too obsessed with his hobby that's all :-) I love doing the F-word.... Flying, Filming and Fun..!!

    In the end the real work is in the editing, that's what makes it. And that just takes time and practise.

    Thank you Eric, Dave Salter, E Harv, George Chase and David O!

    John Olson, I had it setup in 60mph gusts without any issues. Northwing makes it easy to drop the wing
    and put the control bar on the ground for secure tie down.
    >>How did you remove the gypsum dust after
    I still have it from the previous year! haha This year just added another layer !!
    I'm not obsessed about cleaning it cosmetically. Though I do focus on the engine stuff.
    I cleaned the Air filters right before and after, and filtered my fuel through a mr funel.
    This will bite me when I put it up for sale one day !! I'll have to drop $500 off the asking price for cleaning !!!
    OK, it's not that bad, as I did drive through a few nice rain storms on the way back which gave it a good cleaning!! (there goes another $500 for it being out in the rain for a brief period of time!)

    John, in terms of being caught in a white out when you are out, it's a real pain! I didn't have a mask nor googles, but you really need them. Normally I would duck for cover somewhere but that is not always possible.
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 6 years ago
    Rizwan, in their defense (I'm all curious now who "they" are !! haha), no one is obligiated to answer anyone. People are allowed to plead the 5th, which is something we must honor and respect, instead of bullying into answering.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    David O....I was not talking about Henry...God NO...Henry is awesome.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Ok here is the clue to the mystery, just recently a fellow triker asked a "how to" question from a well known trike personality and got a shitty half ass answer. Now I agree with Damien of "not bullying the answer" but please Mr Well Known Trike personality don't be petty either, learn to help your fellow trikers. Thanks
  • Spencer Forman
    by Spencer Forman 6 years ago
    I just want to say that Damien has been making F*cking awesome videos since I had the pleasure to first meet him in 2001...back when a video was the size of a f*ckin postage stamp... and we had to crank the handle on the side of the f*cking video camera!

    And... most importantly, his son Spencer has an awesome name.... ;-)

  • Lee Schmitt
    by Lee Schmitt 6 years ago
    great job. looked like lots of fun... were you not scared that they were going to drop something into the prop??? ( Looked like most had cameras, some on both hands, and i couldn't always see a safety strap)
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Paul who said it has anything to do with cameras? That is water under the bridge. I see a pattern here though, another triker George asked you a question and didn't get a straight answer either. I do "judge" the industry experts at a higher scale. Anyways I don't want a fight here or anything, we just have a difference of opinion here, that's all. And yes all of us have a right to opinions...that includes me too.
  • scott smith
    by scott smith 6 years ago
    Damien, you looked pretty busy in this video. Just to show you what an unselfish and great guy I am, I am officially offering my services as your assistant at next years Burning Man. I am thinking in particular that I could be a huge help in assisting some of your passengers in boarding and strapping in. (Just some of them though 'kay?)
  • Jose Quiros
    by Jose Quiros 6 years ago
    WOW totally awesome video. Looks like a lot of fun was had by everyone. This is what flying is truly about sharing the sky with everyone around you and judging by the smiles on everyone in the air and than back on the ground I believe that not only did everyone enjoy themselves but it is a memory that will last a life time. Thanks for sharing. :-)
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 6 years ago
    This is a great video to show to people wondering if triking is fun. Again that audio in makes a huge difference in bringing you into the video.

    We are currently reconstructing our website. We are adding a video page to not only have REVO videos but other awesome videos as well. I'd like to have this one on our website. Great work as always Damien!
  • Dale Didion
    by Dale Didion 6 years ago
    WOW Damien great job. I really enjoyed it. I'm sure you have inspired many others, as you did me, to get into triking, after watching your videos.
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 6 years ago
    Paul Hamilton, Spencer Forman, Jose Quiros - Thanks!
    Lee Schmitt, looking at the footage I found so many iPhone's coming out of the pocket to take pictures! haha
    Generally my only request was that it had a strap so they don't drop it into the prop. Next time I'll be aware of that.
    I can't blame them, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and they really want a picture.
    On the same token it would be unfair to the others after them if they damaged the prop and the show ended.
    Scott Smith, thank you so much for offering your services! You truly have my best interest at heart ;-)
    Larry Mednick, thanks and please feel free to add the video.
    Dale Didion, I was inspired by the likes of Olivier Aubert and Mike Blyth, so to be able to pass that inspiration on that I once received is a true compliment!
  • Damien B
    by Damien B 6 years ago
    Rizwan, Paul get in touch with each other. Two of the greatest gifts in life are Forgiveness and Gratitude.
  • Ken Nussear
    by Ken Nussear 6 years ago
    Hi Damien, Brilliant video! So much to enjoy, I REALLY enjoyed the sequencing, everyone got to tell their own story individually, and again as a group as we experienced each takeoff, followed by inflight, landing and the after effect. Seemed like a hundred stories, and just one all in the same 11 minutes. Great job.

    Glad you made it through OK. Always welcome here for a stop over..... Death Valley approaches!
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Damien I agree with you, I had once crossed the line and Paul will tell you that I called to apologize, so when I was wrong I was the first one to admit it. I really don't have a dog in this fight to be completely honest. I have appreciated Paul for his work in the past but him not helping a fellow triker didn't sit very well with me. To me it seems experts here are too busy self projecting themselves (my opinion again) and not being an example for new pilots.

    I didn't think that this disagreement would generate more Blogs and back and forth discussions. I take confidence in the fact when new Pilots need help, they can always ask pilots like you (Damien), Henry and many other trikers who are more than willing to go extra mile to help other pilots with their questions.

    And Paul I don't wish to call you or discuss this topic with you any further because I don't think we will get any where. I do feel strongly about the lack of commitment from experts towards new pilots. But Paul, I would continue to appreciate good work by you and others and also I will use my right to free speech to express my distaste as well.
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    I am loathed to get involved in this discussion but Paul I did ask a very simple question recently and you did not even bother to get back to me, I was bemused I thought that it may have been a silly question or something I should have known I am only new and wanting to learn all the time and I looked to you and Larry and a number of others as people to hold in high esteem a simple yes that suit is... would have been nice, I love looking at your work, extremely good stuff, and I would say yes keep it up it is valuable but a quick answer now and then and I really have not asked too many to be fair would be really cool, thanks all and i mean no disrespect in any of this comment, I am a little far away from you guys, you are lucky you have a plethora of clever people so close.....
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    Sorry Paul, I am in Australia and I only have your contact detail at Trikepilot so like I said no disrespect here at all, I did not know of another method, cheers mate.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 6 years ago
    Paul as far I am concerned this matter is closed so I won't be calling you. I expressed my opinions (some might say a little too strongly) about lack of co-operation from experts. I just saw a fellow triker got blown off by you and I didn't like that.

    It was not my fight but sometimes you have got to stand up for what you believe in. so please no more discussion on this. Lets talk about something else, Rizwan.
  • Eric Elbourne
    by Eric Elbourne 6 years ago
    I agree with Riz. Lets move on and share experiences etc, this is the forum to do that (I thought) ??
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 6 years ago
    Great video to promote our sport.
    Clean slate.
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