Bow view of landings at Double Eagle II from my trike. Volcanos, Albuquerque, Sandia Mtns.

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Trike 13Foxtrot touch and goes

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  • Ridin  A Long
    by Ridin A Long 2 months ago
    Great flight videos.
    Looks like that runway is is lousy condition.

    I am not talking about your landings they seem to be fine, I am commenting on the condition of the runway surface and cracks.
  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 2 months ago
    Not the best TO's and landings but I hadn't' soloed yet. Yes, I enjoy watching Trike videos too. Other than the desert, these are the only runways I know. They're ok.
  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 2 months ago
    So all of the scooped out areas are were there used to be asphalt?
  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 2 months ago
    All right, all right. Stop dissing my runway :)
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 1 month ago
    This is proof, the 'flat earth society' was right all along! The earth really IS flat!
  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 1 month ago
    Thanks R. A. Long. Those landing come from outstanding training. The credit goes to Damien B.
  • Frank Roush
    by Frank Roush 1 month ago
    I just reviewed the video. Let's just say it was early training. :)
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