Ben's Trike Flight

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Sometimes it's not as important where we fly, as it is remembering why we fly. Flying for fun is best when shared!

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  • Richard LaHood
    by Richard LaHood 6 years ago
    The following is a note from Ben's Mom.
    "Hi Allan,
    First, we hope you realize how meaningful and memorable this
    experience is for us all. It was so kind and generous of you to share
    your time your time and talents with us in so many ways. We would love
    for you to make the video public - Ben would love to share the
    experience with others.
    Many many thanks again for a day we will never forget!
  • Richard LaHood
    by Richard LaHood 6 years ago
    I heard these two young men "will not stop talking about that day."
  • Tom  Tabbert
    by Tom Tabbert 6 years ago
    Allan - nice vid. Where is this?
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