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  • monty stone
    by monty stone 2 months ago
    The bar works great! Enables me to 'steer' the little beastie ! It's very stable, a little 'stiff' in roll, and is slow in trim, around 35mph, around 45mph in climb balls to wall! Lands quite slowly. I couldn't post the 'eggs-citing ' parts of the video, I was told 'it's too big' !!!!! ,( file that is!) the hose clamps have been replaced with correct size. the engine idle speed is too high for short landings it was still 'pushing me along' easy fix.
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 1 month ago
    Monty, you fly better with the bar extension. Now you push the bar all the way out to the strut to land! PERFECT!
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 1 month ago
    yeah larry. BUT the bar i'm shoving is still 8 inches from the front thingamy, yet the wing is done flying! if i had the 'proper' length wires on it the aofa would still be done lifting yet it would LOOK like i wasn't pushing 'up agin the down tube. ( as you and abid chastised me in my 2nd to last 'crash', sob , sob, sniffle, though i tried to 'splain' that the wing was stalled, no longer lifting, had relaxed it's grip on the air! Overcome by 'gravitational suck', that time it was my echo 12m. that wing on that trike 'drops' when the bar is still 9inches from the strut. (ps this 14m fun lands itself, very docile.)
  • Lindsay Mannix
    by Lindsay Mannix 1 month ago
    this bar of yours solves a problem i have with many wings that fit my nano trike ...all with different a frame depths . and some i want to hang glide as well so wire changes are a PITA
    With depth adjustment as well .One could find the perfect bar position no matter the scenario..this has always been a problem for me ...good stuff!

    But I stress that you can never have too much bar out with adverse landing surfaces ...including bushes
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 1 month ago
    Hi Lindsay, very easy to build, a piece of exhaust pipe, a length of 3/4 square tubing and some fittings and tube from my crashed northwing, though you don't HAVE to crash your wing to get this stuff. I drilled a bunch more holes than necessary but the un-used holes are for lightness ( chuckle-chuckle). plus 8 us made ss hose clamps, from home depot aeronautical supply.
  • monty stone
    by monty stone 1 month ago
    ps, i tried the fun 14 wing on my cosmos echo, but the control frame jammed against my knees, so it won't work on the cosmos, without extending the mast a few inches, 'theres always something! i've realized ,too late the wing WOULD fit, the forks i built to use 'fangs' front wheel had the footpegs too far back bending my knees up to where they hit the control frame. there IS always something!
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