Aveo Lights

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Upgraded one of my strobe lights.

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  • Scott Williams
    by Scott Williams 3 years ago
    Damn Leo! I should say so. Nice improvement. Since we fly very similar birds, how did you wire this in? Is that wire run up to the dash with a switch? What model# strobe is that? Is there a controller and where did you mount it? Have you tried your radio with it running and not? Many of these have interference issues. Yes, that is a lot of questions! :) As you can tell I am very interested in this.
  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Haha! :D Hey Scott, it's all good man, sharing is what it's all about. So let's see, as for wiring it in, since the one I removed was an AveoFlash and I replaced it with the Aveo Minimax, the existing cable that was there was all I needed. The only 2 connections I made were power and ground. The existing wire does run to the dash and ends up on my "strobe Light" switch.
    This Strobe is the Aveo Posistrobe Minimax. It comes in your choice of Red or White, and can be wired for Position or strobe. No controller is required for these lights.
    I have not tried the radio yet, I will do that soon. My trike has a decent size ground plane that I think will eliminate any noise, but I'll know for sure when I test it out.
    Their not cheap, but as you can see from the video, they're very bright and they don't require a controller and they have a lifetime warranty. If it ever goes out they replace it for free. Here's the link....
  • Scott Williams
    by Scott Williams 3 years ago
    Woo hoo, you weren't kidding that their pricy. Ouch... I'll need to rely on my Ghetto solution for a few more years but these do look really sharp. I'm currently using one of these... DONT LAUGH! ok, you can chuckle it's pretty ridiculous.

  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 3 years ago
    Hey, that's better than nothing right? ;) I have one of those when I go diving actually, just in case the cap't decides to leave without me haha! Aircraft stuff in general is expensive but if you fly a lot, it's good to invest in your Trike.
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