Autumn flying

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
An extended version of an old movie (with better quality)

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  • Ronny larsson
    by Ronny larsson 8 years ago
    This one is a classic for me :)
  • Frode Leikvoll
    by Frode Leikvoll 8 years ago
    Thanks Ronny! It was a fun trip late autumn 2006. Hope to do a similar flight with the HD camera one of these days!
  • Waldo Rodriguez
    by Waldo Rodriguez 8 years ago
    Excellent video! One of the best! The overhead camera location gives you the filling you are flying! Awesome!
    Hey post the location, I am going today on FSX... :)
  • Tom Donovan
    by Tom Donovan 8 years ago
    Nice Video Frode, How long is that runway? Looks short to me!
  • Waldo Rodriguez
    by Waldo Rodriguez 8 years ago
    Frode, I found your airstrip location on Google Earth. It is by Kvinnherad, between the Soljfell and Blafjell mountains and flying to the right you get to the Mauranger Fjord. Unfortunately Google Earth doesn't show high resolution images of the area. I am posting the GE Satellite Picture of the area. Let me know if I am correct. BTW, I am flying on FSX around this area, does not compare but is cheaper than traveling to Norway... LOL :)
  • Hal Glenn
    by Hal Glenn 8 years ago
    Your camera does a fantastic job!! I enjoyed the ride with you!!!
  • Alf  Jessup
    by Alf Jessup 8 years ago
    Nice video Frode, looks like a nice place to fly over there.
    Not to many options in and around the tops of the mountains though.
    Hope your starting to get plenty of airtime of late.

  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 8 years ago
    This is one of my favorite videos.
    It makes me want to fly up over to Norway.

  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 8 years ago
    That"s the kind of flying I like to do. awesome video!
  • Dave Hasbrouck
    by Dave Hasbrouck 8 years ago
    Hey Frode, very well done. Thanks for sharing.
  • Toni Rikkonen
    by Toni Rikkonen 8 years ago
    Nice clip Frode, as usual :)
    Just waiting for you to get that 0.7 conversion with HD.. keep them coming!
  • Paulo Roberto Novoa
    by Paulo Roberto Novoa 8 years ago
    Parabéns voo muito traquilo e seguro, passagens maguinificas, na oportotunidade de voarmos um dia juntos na sua região pais. grande abraço bons voos.
  • Frode Leikvoll
    by Frode Leikvoll 8 years ago
    Thanks for all the comments!
    Paulo, sorry that I do not understand your language(writing)
    Now that I've figured out the problem with my new HD camcorder I will try to do some similar filming in several stunning areas. Will have to wait a few weeks as I'm going offshore on work for two weeks. The weather has to improve too!
    Toni, the HD camcorder actually works OK with my old Sony 0.6 wideangle lense as soon as I ad it in the camera menu. The problem I had with the wavy effect on my HD was solved by turning off the image stabilization function.
    Alf, No there is not much flying this days due to the same shitty weather. But I managed to give my 5 year old son his first flight yesterday. Will put up a funny vid from it later.
    Tom, my airfield is just 160metres. But open terrain in both ends. Keeps me focused, and makes me a "good lander":)
    Waldo, your perfectly right:) Actually I was born in a place called Sundal in the Mauranger fjord. I have also fown some FSX at winter time.
  • larry  rubin
    by larry rubin 8 years ago
    Great video. What camera are you using ?
  • Frode Leikvoll
    by Frode Leikvoll 8 years ago
    Larry, on this movie I used the Sony TRV22 (DV camera) with a 0.6 wideangle lense. Have now changed to a Sony HD camera.
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