ATF engine off landings

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Sorting through some old video I found some examples (from a different video perspective) of low level flying on an ATF with a couple engine off landings. Very important to periodically practice such emergency maneuvers regardless of whether you fly a light soaring trike or a fast high hp LSA.

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  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 4 years ago
    I notice that while watching trike flying videos there are pilots with 2 different grips, those that have a light hold on the control bar and those that seem to have a very tight grip. Those with a light hold appear to have more fluid movements in controling the wing while the later appear to have more jerky movements. I would suggest this is a reflection of pilots comfort level with the flying conditions and experience. It is always nice to see light hold on the control bar. Nicely done.
  • Joe Hockman
    by Joe Hockman 4 years ago
    Thanks for the feed back B. Best wishes for the new year!
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