Aeros Nano Trike - ELECTRIC

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Check out this video. It's the new Aeros Nano Soaring Trike with electric motor that advertises 45 minutes of flying time on one battery. WOW!

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  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    That aeros e ant is just awesome. It may be 45 min of juice but gosh i think the real picture is 5 min of climb to sufficiant altitude. Work the challenging aspects of thermal dynamics chasing a few raptors down a long cloud street. Add electric power through the sink cycles find another cloud street use your remaining juice to find the nearest tesla recharging station ? Book a hotel have a martini and jump in the hot tub! Fly home the next day. A bit more potential than 45 min under power i think . Plus reliability. You only need 5min to get up to some lift so thats like 10 hang glider tows per charge! Now thats flyin?
  • Frank Dempsey
    by Frank Dempsey 1 year ago
    I hear you. I loved hang gliding. I just didn't like hang waiting or cliff launching in near always marginal conditions. Imagine driving though the country, noting a a nice cloud street. You pull off to a nice flat road and assembly that little ANT and within a half hour, GO....5 minutes of climb, then foot off the acel and You're soaring. Hit sink and supplement with the accel to find lift and repeat. This could go on for hours. Cold beer waiting in the cooler down there. I want one. Cliff launches and foot landings suck. No more whacks, broken shoulders, downtime replacements. Just pure soaring, safe takeoffs and easy precise landings.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Really i agree with you .this is very very fun flying . Even with a wasp or a misquito flying prone is not that comfortable. Iam suprized that more trike pilots yet fully apreciate or realize the potential of this machine. Joe hockman and i are hopeing maybe you could bring an ant up to sand point. You are so correct frank its long times waiting for the wind on cliffs. But with this your airtime goes way up.
  • Job Chithalan
    by Job Chithalan 1 year ago
    Yes, flying prone is not that comfortable. Nice and cosy inside but neck start aching after half an hour or so.
    The E Drive is by Geiger Engineering. Also fitted to many other ultralights.
    Lots of info at

    Implementation of folding legs in the ANT is one of the simplest I have seen in any type of aircraft.
    Aeros wings have a good reputation and is used by other manufacturers.
    E -ANT is not shown at Aeros website. Does anyone know if it ever went into production?
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Job frank just put up a post that the ant e is available to the public aprill 17th. I would love ,drool, to have one. I would spend the rest of my days traveling around flying all the great places, sitting around a campfire at night. Of course i might have to mix up a zip lock bag of clear milky yellowy gunk and supprize ole at mingus with a blob out of nowhere on his sail. And if he got mad i could run to the nearest sink and power up and ex-scape.(just kidding ole) id love to have that e ant.
  • Job Chithalan
    by Job Chithalan 1 year ago
    WE, there has been many prototype electric trikes and ultralights, but most do not make it to production.
    ES-Trike, S-trike-S and T-trike-T by Edy van de Kraats of Flying-Expert recently decided to stop all trike production, due to low business.
    So well done Aeros!
    Unfortunately, Electric ANT is unlikly to be offered in the UK. Flylight is the only Aeros distributor in the UK. They sell only the Aeros wings fitted to Dragon trikes. Dragon trikes are Part 103 / SSDR (the kind of trikes some of us here like) have been around for a while now and popular. But no electric version :-(
    Hopefully, the situation will change when battery capacity and prices come down.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    That will be a good day indeed job. Because as you know thats a perfect machine. Even driving home today on the freeway hauling hay i caught myself day dreaming of flying up and over through lookout pass in the fall with brillient colors doing 180 and gliding back. I have been following a few other electrics the e lift. But o thimk this ant e is talking the cake. Should be a better soaring ,thermaling platform than the dragonfly!
  • Gregg Ludwig
    by Gregg Ludwig 1 year ago
    The Aeros Electric trike looks very interesting but I think that it should be promoted on its own merits without criticizing the sport of hang gliding. I enjoy hang gliding most every month on Oahu, HI with consistent trade winds, an easy cliff launch with soaring as long as one desires and a satisfying foot landing in a nice LZ. Trikes are fun to motor around in but you can't beat a hang glider for a soaring experience. Even in the flat lands of Texas with its big air, I would choose a hang glider over a light trike most any day for a soaring experience.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Greg huh!!! Critizise hang gliding?????
    I have promoted a suported and worked in the field of hang gliding . Excuse me but i know you work out at the jim, have shiny white teeth a great job no bad disks, and no artificial knees. And iam very glad your privleged to go hang gliding in Ohhhwahoie.
    But for us older farts who just would like to reach back a little to the days when we had that 007bod like you have. I Really dont think making comparisons to hanging out for long periods of time after driveing up a bumpy road only to get blown out. Or making comparrisons to how laying prone is hard on your neck. That we that wish we were able to go galavantin around leaping of cliffs but make a good adm choice that we no longer are im the physical shape but still recover for what good years left before the younger political correct shiny teeth generation deam is to stupid not worth anything and disgaurd us to eating can dog food .
    I mean i know you are ga comercial pilot, triker hang glider pilot and work for the faa. But someday you big rusty boat is goin to come in .
    Personally i will be quite frank . I take youre post as ataganistic and unfounded.
    I see nothing wrong making comparrisons of the ant power unit that hooks up to a. Whoa!!! Hmmmm hang glider wing????
    I will remind you that their are those amungst you that hmmm maybe served their country and just arnt in the 007 bod defending some idea of freedom ah hhmmm of speech with out the political correct patrol.
    Now i have heard that you really are a very nice guy and a great pilot examiner what ever. But let me asure you so iam i.And even though i have bragged a bit of some people i have known and worked with in the past . Its not that i claim to be anyone only i have some very fond memories . IN fact most of the time i get reminded by those that are intitled that i am no one!
    I will remind you that it was you who critsized my spelling kinda publicly. But iam sure you dont realize that i am ageing and my lighting is poor in my little shack of a home in montan. And very close vision is getting farther and farther away.
    But then again you probably could go out a find someone down on their luck and critisize them never knowing they lost their partner to cancer and are finding their way back.
    Now really greg dont you think you could hold back the critisize word a bit! Because for sure i think you need to go look hard in the mirror . You may find a grey hair bud. Keep im mind iam not your average pc live in the subberbs grease my hair back a coat myself with aeromatic perfumes.
    I happen in fact to be very very hard core
    Out back kind ? Of a person . And you know of all the people upity i have known i never bowed down to know one.
    Now iam sure that you will turn this on me. But i want you to know i dont care who you are. You do not govern my or others right to speech. You are not my judge and grammer teacher. So please reflect back on the critisize word because you are good at it. I HAVE LOVED HANG GLIDING FOR 47 Years. The harness hurts my back? Your neck aches after an hour. Its a drag waiting all day for realitive wind. Ive heard many friends say that including jc brown ,jim lee ,larry toudor. So would you say that we shouldnt complain about no ajustment in the steering making are legs uncomfortable in a trike.
    Please greg iam sure you a great guy but dont throw the critisize word at people making discussion about some advantages of the aeros ant e . Exspesially when youre so good at it . Pleeeeze
  • Bryan Tuffnell
    by Bryan Tuffnell 1 year ago
    Sometimes the medium stifles the message... Hang gliding has given me some of the more profound and intense joys that can be had. Reading the above, I'd take a guess that WE and Gregg feel the same way, and are part of the same flock. Given the common ground, I reckon the three of us could sit on a porch with a beer in hand and have a great conversation... and a better one yet after sharing a few thermals... and face-to-face, there'd be no signals crossed.

    Some of us misspell words. I can spell, but I can't weld thin steel to save myself.
  • Gregg Ludwig
    by Gregg Ludwig 1 year ago
    WE, jeeze, I guess you need to read the entire thread to see where someone wrote "Cliff launches and foot landings suck. No more whacks, broken shoulders, downtime replacements." I was simply trying to convey that the sport of HG is awesome and like anything good training, proficiency and skill can prevent the problems listed above. Soar your light trike, have fun (I know you will) but for soaring I'll be hang gliding. As illustrated in an Ant trike promotional video by Silverlight Aviation, flying the Ant with calm and no thermal air conditions is really fun and easy.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Geeze greg are passion emotion, ive got it you got it. What is it that makes flying like a bird soooo defendable?
    Do you realize that we both make the biggest testiment of the spirit of hang gliding. As also stated by phill or bryan in other bloggs( because we butt heads it shows are passion)!
    Deep down under the thin skin o really like and admire you greg and all of the other pilots in these forums.
    Let me first explain my slinging of a stone toward goliath.
    You base your opinions on personal exsperience. Going over to hawaii? You are fortunate and have the means and health
    But i remind you that their are many who have the dream but not the means or physicle abilitys to fly hang gliders. And many get hurt a die trying.
    I consider something like the ant or ant e to still fall within the catagory of hang gliding. But with a bit more predictable take off and landing?
    Frank dempsey is really trying to promote and sell the ant and hopefully the ant e.
    This puts additional funds into themanufa tures that produce r and d hang glider wings. Without that nothing survives!
    Off course someone might say that wangs and wacks suck. And i have seen many people who were friend killed and maimed on cliff launches who perfect flight wasnt all in the rules.
    I had a tough day yesterday finding out my 1 year old grand daughter was rushed to the hospital having seizers! I got on tps to relieve my mind from stress.
    I just want to help you see greg that we should be careful using words like dont critisize and to be careful thats what were not doing ourself based on our own acomplishments abilitys and privleges. Not every one has the means and many who work like slaves for peanuts everyday flying is just a dream in any compasity.
    we all must realize this in some compasity.
    I wish i was younger and had what i know now. Who ever says they wouldnt do thingd differently or with more passion is not living in reality.
    Greg id love to sit om a launch with you and phill and bryan. But dont look down on me because i have bad teeth. Being fined twice for not understanding obama care took my denture money? Kinda ironic that my wife and i work in the home heath care field working for less wages than a kid flipping burgers while seiu union robs us of dues to raise the wage of resteraunt workers while we take care of everyones parents without real heathcare.that really makes you angry and passionate?
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 1 year ago
    Job Chithalan it costs about 10 pesos to rig a very effective bungee on a helmet to take the weight of a head while flying prone; I know, I have a very fat head and I have been using such an arrangement for years. Without it I would be done hang gliding. End of neck issues.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    John olsen yup thats a solulution. I think its awesome that you are still hang gliding. You know my ol hang gliding buddy j ebb. Well gosh i talked him back into triking and now hes flying his sport 2 with you at mingus. Gosh how jealous he makes me? But not much different than when i would sink out at pah ha rito with him milking lift yelling and screaming while i baked out in the via grande.
    Iam amazed that you still are topping out cloudbase at your age.
    Every person must make a realistic eval on are health to fly anything.
    A bungee on the helmet may be an answer to some pilots conditions. But we also may not be realistic in our passion that we have a more serious underlining ageing condition. I want to be comfotable when flying theirs absolutly no humility from from the purity of hang gliding flying a ant .
  • Bryan Tuffnell
    by Bryan Tuffnell 1 year ago
    If you fly hang gliders prone (and you don't have to - although it's increasingly rare, supine is an option), a huge factor in comfort and relieving the pain in the neck is having a curve in the profile of bottom of the harness. I used to design and manufacture harnesses, and put a lot effort into getting a shoulders high, guts low, knees high and slightly bent, feet higher profile. Many adjustable harnesses can be made comfortable if you can get that rocker shape into them; some have the adjustments in the wrong place.

    It won't cure shot knees, dodgy ankles and cranky shoulders, but that soaring trike may help...
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Bryan you are soo corect. I use to switch back to flying on the uprights to get relief! But their are some other advantages to flying supine. Going supine rather than prone you dont get as disorientated from foward stability as you can going prone near a cliff . You know people rushing to get into a prone cacoon harness not paying attention to their flight configuration! Also flying supine i think you can be in a better configuration in the event of a crash instead of head first.
    I am now watching a few friends get back into hang gliding and yes iam jealous.
    But iam also realistic. Ive thought long and hard ...... well maybe a wasp and figure a way to launch prone. But in reality that ant e or ant or atf is a great solution. My health is improving but really at 60 years old hell iam not competing with anyone. Big thermals can kick the crap out of you and make you do washing more frequent.
    What could possably be better than e powering up to altitude killing the juice , putting on christipher cross (sailing) on the head set. And reaching cloudbase .
    I have a sky cycle soaring trike but its underpowered for me a bit.
    As a last hoo rah iam working at a brand new double surface wing all white. Then iam going to find a way to do my artwork of airbrushing feathers into the sail (big white wings) A loud speaker that screams like a monsterous white eagle. Then a beautiful white color coated ant or atf havint (completely made up my mind yet.) ?
    Then iam going down to mingus and see if i can poop on the top of john olsens sail at 10agl! Let out a scream and run like hell. And if he gets close ill shoot out buds of marywanna countermeasures to keep him off my tail.
    Now ole already doesnt like me much because we have butted heads. But i will remind him iam giving him new matierial for his books And also that ive bought his books and read them?
    Weather youre flying trikes ,soaring trikes, powered hang gliders, or hang gliders we all share a very common bird genome?
    Sorry iam esentric and if i pissed anyome off!
  • Job Chithalan
    by Job Chithalan 1 year ago
    Once in the air, HGs are more fun than trikes with noisy and vibrating IC engines (electric would change that).
    But having to drive around from one flying site to another and then hoping/waiting around on the hills for the right conditions is not fun.
    Also, here in the UK, sites are few and they get over crowded with HGs, paras and model aircraft.

    When I started HG in the mid 70s, there were no instructors and like many at that time, I was self taught. Books by Dennis Pagen helped a lot.

    Did not know that John Olsen has written books. Would love to read.
    Titles and publisher info would be apprecaited. Thanks :-)
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Job john ole olsons books can be bought on the google books play store app. (Tales from the wild blue younder). I think he also sells them through here so you could send him a message. Their a pretty good fun read!
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Oh yah good old dennis peagan. Great for any pilot?
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