Aeros ELECTRIC Nano Trike

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These are to be released for production in late April, 2017 Give me a buzz, Email -

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  • Job Chithalan
    by Job Chithalan 1 year ago
    I like that long shaft to run the prop in less dirty air. And the folding prop.
    Couple of Dragon flyers that I know don't dare to fly with legs retracted.
    ANT's folding legs mechanism is an innovation. Simple, reliable and lightweight.

    Well done Aeros and Frank!
    Frank should find a good market in the US.

    Sadly, with no distributor for Aeros trikes. we are not likely to see the ANT in the UK.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Job cant you just go to the ukrain and get one. Or have them ship you one. I know iam nieve on how things work in that part of the world!Or ill order one for you here and you send the money here and ill ship it to you......... errrr uhhh maybe . Ok quite possably after ive flown it a while#
  • Job Chithalan
    by Job Chithalan 1 year ago
    WE, thanks for the suggestions. Though I like the ANT, I am fascinated by the Atos wing. Had couple of invites from Milo of EGO trikes in CZ. He has many variations including single and two seater electric models. I am planning a visit this summer.
    Price of a new EGO trike plus a new Atos wing is high for number of hours flying I do these days.
    Good value for money would be an Atos wing (used but inspected by A-I-R) coupled to a trike such as the ANT or the BB103 Trya Nano Trike.
  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Atos. Have great l/d specs. Also a good choice for drream machine. Good thing iam not a man of means or my wifey would be saying do really need all 50 trikes in the garage?
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