2018 Pacific NW Trike Fly-in

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This years Fly-in was held just south of Missoula MT near the town of Stevensville from Jul 14 to the 21st - 2018. Located in the Bitterroot Valley, we had our choice of interesting places to fly through including the Bitterroot Mountains, south was Salmon ID, and east of us was the Anaconda and Flint Creek Mts. Folks came all the way from Delaware, FL, TX, CA, and OH. We had 4 groups travel in from Canada. Most of all, we had a BLAST and quite a lot of flying to go with it because the weather was near perfect for the whole week. This year - we even had a band show up to perform! See what you think .... Music - John Butler Trio - Hello https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMvmTvZKkNY

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  • White Eagle
    by White Eagle 28 days ago
    Once again tom we had a record attendance. It was awesome to have larry and amy there dexter and lulu. Look at darrel how far he has come scince finding interest and advice at previous fly ins. I think we all had fun. Cant wait for next year. Between you and larrys flybys my ducking response has greatly improved. Every year i meet more and more pilots ive only chatted with on social sites. Truly a blessing to bring everyone together to do what makes this country great. To fly free and be humane
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 27 days ago
    Tom and White Eagle, great job putting this together. I would love to come but super busy in the summer with students learning to fly. Someday soon :-)
  • White Eagle
    by White Eagle 27 days ago
    Thank you from both tom and i paul. I remember i called and invited you. But really i understand that you have to make a living as well. Theres alot of real friendships that develope there as well.
    Pilots getting to know each other outside a chat room is just great. Gosh this year i met wayne from canada and ken from ohio and their wives. Just terrific folks to share some time promoting are sport. We had soooo many from the general public curious about what it takes to get into the sport. The eaa chapt 517 went way out of there way to accommodate us.
    Paul the way i see it trike flying needs more visability. Good for cfis, dpes, manufacturing such as revo and northwing. My interest is to see this terrific sport servive including hang gliding. Just absolutly great meeting everyone. Next year paul
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 26 days ago
    What an awesome time Amy and I had Flying the mountains and meeting some really great people and highly skilled Trike pilots. Tom Tabberts Henry Trikelife and George were awesome to Fly with. Great meeting Joe Lorenzen with Hangin over Havasu in his Cygnet and all the rest of the gang like David Coy (white Eagle) and Joe Hockman and many more old friends and customers that I go way back with.

    Great times!
  • White Eagle
    by White Eagle 25 days ago
    You were awesome larry and amy I wish you and amy the best ,prosperity , happyness sucess for years to come. You knowlege and service to others was sooo impressive! Thank you for letting me fly your revolt. It was a memory i will charish!
  • Bradley  Waters
    by Bradley Waters 13 days ago
    Ha! Can't wait for next year.
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