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Awesome time at the Fun Fly Zone!

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  • Leo Iezzi
    by Leo Iezzi 1 year ago
    Awesome Larry!
  • roger larson
    by roger larson 1 year ago
    I have to say I enjoyed this area of Oshkosh more than the main airshow. They do need more seating in this area because each time it was completely full, at times it was hard to find even standing room. When the Revolt starts and shuts off it is so smooth with that 6 blade prop. Fun place to be!
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 1 year ago
    Lots of soft field, float that nose wheel forever landings.
  • roger larson
    by roger larson 1 year ago
    That guy on that quicksilver mx sure made a fast turn on the ground....Fun to watch but with my luck if I did that it would catch a tire and roll. It would be fun to watch 30 Trikes fly in all at once with Lights like the PPGs did. Maybe fly 300 feet up and fly circles around the PPGs, just for fun of course:)
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