Joey martin

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
different view of 2 landings and a takeoff in a pretty strong cross wind

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  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 1 year ago
    Nicely done and great trike! Love the wing too :) (I have the exact same one on my Cygnet).
  • Martin Braatz
    by Martin Braatz 1 year ago
    hey Mr Martin. this is Martin from australia. love love your new trike/ video. think big tyres are definitley the go. what PSI you puting in those tyres? keep up the great work. want to see who iam try( mt kozi morning) on youtube.

    cheers mate
  • joey martin
    by joey martin 1 year ago
    hi martin my original intention was to run the tires tubeless for weight savings but after i got the carriage all together and drove it around in my yard and realized that it will take low pressure to get to ride and feel i wanted i put tubes in them because i could see a situation of landing somewhere and breaking the bead loose with low pressure in the tires. i have 8 psi in them now and it is a really nice ride they are 21x850-6 4 PLY AERO CLASSIC SMOOTH TUNDRA TIRE
  • roger larson
    by roger larson 1 year ago
    Excellent job on your trike and flying. Any idea what the length you needed to take off in?
  • joey martin
    by joey martin 1 year ago
    80ft off my runway its about 100 to 110 on this sand
  • roger larson
    by roger larson 10 months ago
    Hey Joey...Do some more videos!!!. Do you have detailed photos of your trike?
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