1st lesson part 4

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  • Chuck Tabbert
    by Chuck Tabbert 1 year ago
    Congrats Bob and welcome to the friendly skies. We're all looking forward to flying with you at the airpark in Columbus, NM - hopefully it'll turn into our home away from home in the winter!
  • Bob Lemke
    by Bob Lemke 1 year ago
    Chuck, thanks and I hope so too. I'm trying to decide what kind of fuel containers to use for our 5 gallon tank. Jim's tank is so big I understand his decision for electric pumping without having to hoist a fill tank. I'm thinking just funnels, a 2 1/2 gallon tank for the mix and a couple of 5 gallon tanks for the straight gas. What is your method?
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 1 year ago
    I do believe you SHOULD cross the line he asked you not to cross to clear the runway (end of video) and THEN contact ground.

    Great to watch a whole lesson uncut. Make sure you get to bang the controls around and see the results and do some steep banked turns before you solo.
  • Bob Lemke
    by Bob Lemke 1 year ago
    Thanks Larry for watching the entire series, I value your input. As you saw, Jim isn't a fan of crank and bank, well at least for the 1st lesson. When we got in some bumpy air my control bar feedback was muted by feeling the added resistance of Jim on his instructor bars. I guess that is normal for the CFI but I really wanted to feel and react to that air. Before the training flight even started I promised Jim I would not resort to my hang gliding days of trying to core the thermal because we would be going 3 times the speed and it just wouldn't be possible.
  • Larry  Mednick
    by Larry Mednick 1 year ago
    Personally as an instructor I specifically do NOT touch the controls until I must. I like the student to screw up. I can come on the controls at 30 degrees 45 or 60 degrees based on how much I want to keep the aircraft in check for the student. I know many instructors hold the controls the entire time. Some instructors I have flown with hold the controls, but I cannot feel them on the controls. He kept you in check which provided a really safe controlled lesson for someone that may have been very nervous or scared. In your case I would have let way up on the reigns from what I saw and was hearing. So long as the last lesson doesn't look like this I'd say it's fine. But loss of control is a great way to learn. I would have loved to see you either accidentally enter a spiral or not. But in either case have more ability to screw up.
  • Bob Lemke
    by Bob Lemke 1 year ago
    40 years ago when I was learning to fly my old Seagull 3 there was no instructor with me in the air. I was lucky along with my generation of h/g pilots. Years later with stronger wings there were tandem flights. When I upgraded to the Seahawk 200 same thing, but then for its day that was a low performing beginner's wing. I'm 40 years older and wanted instruction because the wings today are much higher performing plus a engine has entered the equation.
  • Gilles F
    by Gilles F 1 year ago
    Hey Bob. What time of the morning or day do you like to do the training ?
  • wexford air
    by wexford air 1 year ago
    Bob that airport is so big if I was flying my old raven there I'd need to leave fuel at the hold.
  • Craig Dingwall
    by Craig Dingwall 1 year ago
    LOL I'm with you Wex, that taxiway was longer than the runway & taxiway combined at Perth Airport! :-)
  • Bob Lemke
    by Bob Lemke 1 year ago
    Giles, my CFI wants to start at sunrise for smooth air, I personally don't mind bumpy air and feel it is good training to learn to deal with it plus I like to sleep in till at least 7 AM. During my hang gliding days 40 years ago a beginner like me would launch early in the morning to insure what we called a "sleigh ride" in calm air. A short 20 minutes minimum sink flight to the LZ. As I progressed then the goal was flights later in the morning for thermals and the ability to get over 1 hour flights. Wex and Craig, as to the size of that runway your right, but that is where the CFI is based at. 37 years ago when I first started flying GA aircraft the CFI was based at a non tower 2400' strip and as soon as I solo'ed at 11 hours and was turned loose I joined my U/L friends at their 1200' strip. I moved last April to an airpark in SW New Mexico and my strip here is 5200' dirt with no tower and no traffic. My lessons resume here next week.
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