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RC Microlight , RC Ultralight, RC Trike, Sale Model Airplane, Weight-Shift, Ripstop Nylon Scale Flying Model . Easy to build and fly, high performance and durability, radio controlled microlight airplane, able to carry multiple FPV cameras for fun- or professional film work, makes this the ultimate scale RC model. Designed from a larger RC Microlight model made by MIA Micro-FLIGHT pre-2000, this well refined model not only looks real but flies like one too. This is only one of a dozen MIA You Tube trike microlight ultralight model airplane videos that clearly illustrates the performance of this incredible model. The kit is made from aluminum, injection molded and carbon parts and it is only available from MIA Micro-FLIGHT direct: at June 29 2014 Ocean View RC Microlight, Deltaplano, Dockweilder State Beach, Near Real Hang Gliding Training Area. Fun Flight, Weschester, LA, California, Near LAX Airport. MIA EZ 1.25 Trike High Performance Radio Control Microlight, Ultralight Flex Wing, Weight-Shift, Electric, Model Airplane, Animatronics Pilot Figure. Electric Flight Scale Models Robotics Park Flyers Backyard Flyers Cool RC Airplanes RC Microlights RC Ultralights RC Trikes RC Helicopters RC Autogyros RC Boats RC Cars RC Landyachts

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  • white eagle
    by white eagle 1 year ago
    Gosh tony. I didnt look at the captions and thought i was watching a larry mednick exstream flying vidieo? Thats really cool now what am i going to do with my 1/4 scale supercub.
  • Job Chithalan
    by Job Chithalan 1 year ago
    That pilot has fast reflexes!
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