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Yesterday, Paul and I flew for 8.7 hrs and 428 miles, battling 30 mph headwinds to reach the Bar10 Ranch on the North Rim of Grand Canyon, just outside the National Park. Today we took a long mid-day flight, rested for 2hrs and went up a final time at sunset. I almost skipped this sunset flight, still worn out from the long grind of yesterday, and today's earlier flight, but I knew it would be good. A half hour later, floating high above the Grand Canyon, far from any sign of human kind, I experienced a sense of isolation, solitude, and bliss that for me is the best part of trike flying . Another dream flight. I was tempted to stay up here forever, long past sunset, never landing. But as the sun touched the horizon, I brought my trike down to the smooth, paved runway south of Bar 10 Ranch. The flight seemed much longer than the 1hr I logged. A few minutes late utility vehicle picked us up, and drove is to the Bar10 Ranch for a great steak dinner.

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  • Andy Hughes
    by Andy Hughes 7 months ago
    8.5 hrs how many pit stops along the way?
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 7 months ago
    The flight out was probably my toughest flight ever. We had orginally planned to take two days to fly out, but the winds on Friday were forecast to be around 40 mph, with 50 mph and above winds at 10000 ft. So we opted to fly it all in one day, with 20-30 mph headwinds for the first 2 hours, and 10-20 mph for the rest of day. We had non refundable reservations at Bar10 and a mild case of go-for-it-itis. It was a hard flight, but still within my comfort zone, or maybe I should say within my "discomfort zone".

    Our first leg was 4.5 hours from Belen to Holbrook, AZ. We got topped off with some 100LL there and headed out on the second leg, 2.5 hours to Valle, AZ. We had planned on getting fuel at Valle, but there wasn't any there. Bar10 is in the middle of nowhere, and we needed some gas to get out of there. There was a gas station, a quarter mile away across the street. An old-timer at the Valle airport took pity on us and shuttled us to the airport for one fuel jug (6 gallon) of gas, and we would be fine now. We took off on the last leg from Valle to Bar 10, departing at about 5pm and landing after sunset around 6:30 pm. The winds and thermals had mellowed out to perfect conditions for this last leg.

    The approach and landing to Bar 10 on Saturday was very similar to the flight in this video one day later. I joked with Paul that the final leg on the trip was my best flight ever, proceeded by my two worst flights ever.
  • Doug Boyle
    by Doug Boyle 7 months ago
    Thanks for the journey Jeff! One for the logbooks....
  • Mark Pansing
    by Mark Pansing 7 months ago
    I was able to gas at Valle last year but was informed that the airport is sort of in limbo. The airport is actually a private airport that existed to keep a private airplane collection and that the owner died. I guess the family is not sure they want to keep it. The private collection wasnt associated with the museum so I’m not sure what it will do if they close the airport.
  • Jozinko Sajan
    by Jozinko Sajan 7 months ago
    Tht was great flight Jeff. I love the canyon views.
  • Paul Hamilton
    by Paul Hamilton 7 months ago
    Nice story Jeff
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