20170721 Sangre de Cristos

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I took off at 1 minute after civil twilight on a 3.8 hr flight to Angel Fire, CO. First stop was an early morning flight over the Sandia Moutains, then over to Sante Fe Baldy, at the southern end of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. From here I hopped from one moutain peak to the next, Pecos Baldy, Truchas Peaks Group, Chimayosos Peak, Jicarita Peak. Then a long cruise to the Wheeler Peak Group before descending into the Moreno Valley to land at Angel Fire. The next morning I retraced route back to Belen. Both flights were in ideal no-wind conditons. Two of the best flights in my life. A full flightlog can be found at: http://www.jeffsflightlog.com/2017/2017_07_21_angel_fire.pdf

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  • Bill Chance
    by Bill Chance 11 months ago
    Nice flight and video. Is that rope lights that change color laid in your wing? Looks cool and certainly different.
  • Joe Hockman
    by Joe Hockman 11 months ago
    Great video Jeff. You covered some beautiful country. Thanks for sharing.
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 11 months ago
    Bill, I got some rope lighting that drove two strands, so it both wings would be synchronized. It fun and looks cool at sunset.
  • Rizwan Bukhari
    by Rizwan Bukhari 10 months ago
    Another awesome video Jeff. Loved the rope lighting.
  • chris dahl-bredine
    by chris dahl-bredine 10 months ago
    Nice video Jeff! Welcome to my neck of the woods!
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