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Paul and I took a long 5.1 hour flight over the Jemez Mountains on July 13, 2017. We had perfect calm winds for the flight and on the way to Jemez we made a pass over the "Vents". These are some amazing travertine springs near the Jemez Caldera. Some look like miniature volcanoes, others nests from the movie "Alien". Some are dry and dormant while others oasis like pools. This was the first time I visited these formations at low altitude in calm winds since in August, 2011. And the first with my GoPro cameras. The video quality is much better the an earlier "Vent Mania" video you can find in the archives on this channel. For all the details of the flight, including another visit to La Ventana Mesa, the Vents, and the Jemez Caldera check out my full flightlog at http://www.jeffsflightlog.com/2017/20... If you like this video please subscribe, and share with your friends. Jeff

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  • stu sinclair
    by stu sinclair 10 months ago
    Where is this? AZ?
  • jeff trike
    by jeff trike 10 months ago
    The Big Vent at the beginning of the video is at
    lat 35.621036, lng -106.873360

    The Green Pool in the back corner is at
    lat 35.607072, lng -106.844109

    All the vents are clearly visible on Google Earth.
    They are on Zia Indian Reservation land, so I have never seen them on foot. That's one of the great features of trike flying, I go past the fences and blocked roads and as long as I don't touch the ground I am not trespassing.

    There is a map on the last page of my flightlog (link got mangled above)

    It a very cool place to fly.
  • Tom Currier
    by Tom Currier 10 months ago
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