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  • Victor Agadzi
    by Victor Agadzi 6 years ago
    Not a Dealer option. Custom built to my specs. Was not easy to get it perfect but finally I'm there. It's freaking awesome and turns heads just like my amphib trike. I hated the skinny front standard wheels and embarked on this project 4 months ago. Finally, completed and I'm very pleased. Interestingly enough, also Rotax powered 990cc, approx 106HP, I believe.
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 6 years ago
    Thanks for the invite Henry but in December I will be in Mexico. Have fun!
  • juan corral
    by juan corral 7 years ago
    Hi Henry, yes, the carbon tube you see is a 4 ft arm that secures the gopro camera I have, Im working out the mount so I can also use it as a nose mount. I just wish the camera had a remote.
  • Vince  Morson
    by Vince Morson 7 years ago
    Hey Henry,

    Ya that's my Air Creation tundra in the foreground. Vince
  • John Heckendorf
    by John Heckendorf 7 years ago
    Yes it was lucky that nothing was damaged worse than a rim and tire. In fact, outside of the noise, I ran the trike down the runway with steering. The brakes didn't work, though.
  • Den Freeman
    by Den Freeman 7 years ago
    Henry, Well thanks, but I use videos like yours and others that have really set the standard. Wish I could get to better music, but guess that is all about making a great video. Really have enjoyed the xcounty flight! Thanks, Den
  • Mike-in- Thailand
    by Mike-in- Thailand 8 years ago
    Hi Henry - I have a Thai PPL for both but it is possible to fly a trike on an Ultralite license but, not my trike. My trike is "HS" registered since I wanted it that way (less hassle when filing flight plans) and, since my fuel tank exceeds 50 litres.
  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    Hi Henry, I should use my iphone, but that would be another gadget that would take more time to set up and use - time restraints!!! I must admit that I enjoy having as much info available after and during flights, but the info provided to me by my NUVI 500 is enough at present.
  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    No My trike is in the background. The Powered glider is a South African Whisper, owned by our Hanger Landlord Warren Rosewall and the Jora is Owned by our other flying buddy Giesie Fieberger.
    I 1.98 meter 115 kg body doesnt fit into any of these airframes comfortably. The spaciousness of trikes certainly do appeal to me!
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 8 years ago
    Hi Diego, two trikes are located in different places (about 70miles apart), Tanarg is at Santa Paula Airport near the pacific shoreline, this location is beautiful with green mountains, lakes, towns and sea, but a lot of aviation traffic. On the other hand, Airborne is in the middle of Mojave desert where there is very few aviation traffic, with wide desert view. I decide based on my feeling which environment I want to fly.