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  • Victor Maynard
    by Victor Maynard 5 days ago
    Great video!
  • Victor Agadzi
    by Victor Agadzi 7 years ago
    Not a Dealer option. Custom built to my specs. Was not easy to get it perfect but finally I'm there. It's freaking awesome and turns heads just like my amphib trike. I hated the skinny front standard wheels and embarked on this project 4 months ago. Finally, completed and I'm very pleased. Interestingly enough, also Rotax powered 990cc, approx 106HP, I believe.
  • John Olson
    by John Olson 7 years ago
    Thanks for the invite Henry but in December I will be in Mexico. Have fun!
  • juan corral
    by juan corral 7 years ago
    Hi Henry, yes, the carbon tube you see is a 4 ft arm that secures the gopro camera I have, Im working out the mount so I can also use it as a nose mount. I just wish the camera had a remote.
  • Vince  Morson
    by Vince Morson 8 years ago
    Hey Henry,

    Ya that's my Air Creation tundra in the foreground. Vince
  • John Heckendorf
    by John Heckendorf 8 years ago
    Yes it was lucky that nothing was damaged worse than a rim and tire. In fact, outside of the noise, I ran the trike down the runway with steering. The brakes didn't work, though.
  • Den Freeman
    by Den Freeman 8 years ago
    Henry, Well thanks, but I use videos like yours and others that have really set the standard. Wish I could get to better music, but guess that is all about making a great video. Really have enjoyed the xcounty flight! Thanks, Den
  • Mike-in- Thailand
    by Mike-in- Thailand 8 years ago
    Hi Henry - I have a Thai PPL for both but it is possible to fly a trike on an Ultralite license but, not my trike. My trike is "HS" registered since I wanted it that way (less hassle when filing flight plans) and, since my fuel tank exceeds 50 litres.
  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    Hi Henry, I should use my iphone, but that would be another gadget that would take more time to set up and use - time restraints!!! I must admit that I enjoy having as much info available after and during flights, but the info provided to me by my NUVI 500 is enough at present.
  • Christopher  BIG RED  Van Zyl
    No My trike is in the background. The Powered glider is a South African Whisper, owned by our Hanger Landlord Warren Rosewall and the Jora is Owned by our other flying buddy Giesie Fieberger.
    I 1.98 meter 115 kg body doesnt fit into any of these airframes comfortably. The spaciousness of trikes certainly do appeal to me!