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  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 1 year ago
    My first impression on new Rival X (14m) wing

    I just flew this brand new wing for couple of hours. It is just an amazing wing. It has all good characteristics of Rival S plus many more great capability of larger wing.

    1. Cut through turbulence better than smaller sizes wing
    2. Climbs steeper and glide further
    3. Greater ground effect for easier landing
    4. More usable lower speed range and slower stall speed
    5. Very stable, yet maintains light handling
    6. Great speed rage (55 to 90 MPH) with electric speed trim system
    7. No special transition training needed

    Novice and seasoned pilots can fly this wing very easy and also provides easier and safer flights for instructors. I will fly very high altitude with this wing this summer. I will report about it here.
  • Jozinko Sajan
    by Jozinko Sajan 1 year ago
    Thanks for your impression! Great job!
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