What kind of antenna do you use and where do you intall it on your trike ?

Published by: Henry Trikelife on 27th Aug 2013 | View all blogs by Henry Trikelife
This is almost ongoing issue to me. I use "Airkit" antenna (Australia made) with MGL V10 radio. I installed the antenna on the right side of the main gear strut. Sometime, I had my friend pilots or ATC complain that they can hear lots of noise. It seems to me that if they are on the right side of my trike, my transmission is blocked off by the engine. Do you have any other great setup for your antenna and its installation on your trike ?



  • Larry Perkin
    by Larry Perkin 4 years ago
    I also have an Airkit antenna with an Icom handheld radio. The antenna is mounted on a bracket on the keel forward of the front wheel of my Northwing. It is well away from the engine and minimum aircraft structure aft. I have received clear transmissions from this setup as far as 7 miles away from the airport.
  • B  Alvarius
    by B Alvarius 4 years ago
    I use 2 antennas, one on the front tube (pointing up) to talk to the heavens, and one on the bottom of the keel (pointed down) to talk to the ground. Both feeding an ICOM handheld through a splitter. Works OK.
  • Todd Halver
    by Todd Halver 4 years ago
    Henry - I had the Airkit antenna on my Revo and had great success with it mounted on the rear of the wing keel. For me that has been the best location (and Airkit the best antenna) I have used.

    Scroll down from top of site below and those who are not familiar with the Airkit can get a look at it. Molded connection to the antenna is a great feature of this unit.

  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 4 years ago
    Thank you, Larry, Bruce and Todd. I don't have nose keel and my prop is too close to the wing keel. So, these locations you guys recommended don't work on my trike.
  • Henry Trikelife
    by Henry Trikelife 4 years ago
    Thank you for some good information. Do you guys know if I can install the antenna horizontally without degrading performance ? Or I should stick vertical installation ?
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