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Sean Scott

43 years old
United States
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    Wesley Frey
    Wesley Frey commented on Sean Scott's Video.
    Ya! You obviously enjoy flying. I think you are getting your monies worth out of that last maintenance update. I pray that it never sputters again. That was good enough to watch again. There are few landing options but like flying into Albert ...
    4 years ago
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    B  Alvarius
    B Alvarius commented on Sean Scott's Video.
    You have raised the bar in trike video production, they just keep getting better and better. Excellent accompanyment and visuals.
    4 years ago
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    Rizwan Bukhari
    Rizwan Bukhari commented on Sean Scott's Video.
    I particularly enjoyed low flying over the ocean. Wish you had different music though.
    4 years ago
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    Abid Farooqui
    Abid Farooqui commented on Sean Scott's Video.
    Better tighten mid span batten tips at the trailing edge a little
    4 years ago
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    Sean Scott
    Sean Scott has added a new Video.
    4 years ago
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    Sean Scott
    Sean Scott New video:
    4 years ago


Florida trike flyer out of KZPH. Interested in taking photos and videos from the trike. Love to fly.

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  • Qazi  Ajmal
    by Qazi Ajmal 8 years ago
    tanx is going ur flying?
  • Qazi  Ajmal
    by Qazi Ajmal 8 years ago
    Dear sean we are not wild people. The peoples you saw in that video are my brothers, uncle, and my father who was taking tea. We work vary informally. That is over workshop and we had build all our trikes and wing. There. The clothes we are wearing in the video arè our traditional dress.we often wear these clothes. My father is the only person in pakistan.who is making his own trikes nd proppler and we all are trained to make wing,s single surface, to fly. We have 4 rotax engine.
  • Sean Scott
    by Sean Scott 9 years ago
    Actually there is. Both Sean and I flew out of the same hanger. We even shared the same middle name.... both of us Sean W. Scott. Sean was a great guy. I will always love his memory.
  • Jackye  Reynolds
    by Jackye Reynolds 9 years ago
    Is this a memorial membership posthumously ?
    Or is there really another trike pilot in ZH name Sean Scott?